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Internationalization, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Linkage (Industry-Business), Information Literacy, Sustainability and Social Responsibility are embedded and supported in all we do, from academics to services.

Don’t forget to also review our catalog of Continuous Education Programs, one might be the right fit or complement for you.

Know our Continuous Education Programs’ offer ranging from certification programs, courses to TEFL and our english school.: COURSES CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS ENGLISH SCHOOL

CETYS: Our University

Founded in 1961, we are a not-for-profit higher education institution located in Baja California, Mexico. Our commitment is toward the education of individuals like you, seeking to make an impact and transcend in the development of their communities or countries, wherever those may be.

Student Life

CETYS focuses on diverse aspects of student life, with a comprehensive educational model you will find a student environment ideal to pursue your academic interests, face challenges, hobbies, culture, sports, leadership, among many others.

International Programs

Dare to meet the world! Our diverse offer ranges from national and international study abroad programs, activities, initiatives, short programs, degree completion to initiatives designed to instill a global vision and mindset in you, abroad or at home.

Experience CETYS

Be part of the top institution in the northwest of Mexico. Our offer includes programs accredited by national and international agencies, we are proud of hosting top-tier faculty and cutting edge infrastructure providing interactive and dynamic academic and co-curricular student life.

We are in constant pursuit of academic excellence


International Accreditations


CETYS University is accredited by the Federation of Private Mexican Higher Education Institutions (FIMPES), with the highest distinction “LISA Y LLANA” for three years in a row.


Among the Top

15 Universities in the Country

Institutional Quality

CETYS meets the quality standards set by national and international accrediting bodies



2K/10K y Medio Maratón CETYS 2023

Fecha: 2023-02-12

Campus: Mexicali

Examen de Admisión

Fecha: 2023-02-18

Campus: Mexicali

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We are located in the most important and dynamic cities in Baja.


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