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Our Adult Undergraduate Degree in Business Management trains professionals capable of making strategic decisions, evaluating risks and prospecting for results; contributing to the objectives of increasing efficiency, optimizing resources, and achieving the highest profitability of an organization or entrepreneurial project.

Work and Study at the Same Time

Work and Study at the Same Time

This 100% online program is designed for adults over the age of 22 with work experience and an interest in the fields of Administration and Business. Tailor-made to fit around a busy work schedule, this program allows you to acquire knowledge and develop your skills without compromising your professional life.

Renowned Faculty

Renowned Faculty

More than 70% of our full-time faculty has a Doctor’s Degree, and all of our professors have proven work experience in their field of expertise. Get to know them!

Ongoing Mentorships

Ongoing Mentorships

Our academic mentors will help you reach your goals, providing your projects with a solid foundation and guiding you throughout your journey at CETYS.

Well-rounded Education

Well-rounded Education

Enhance your education and your network by participating in study trips abroad, guided tours of top companies, or in national and international academic events.

Our Virtual Campus

Our Virtual Flex Model allows you to take part in academic activities and access educational resources and tools from anywhere in the world, helping you shape your academic journey in a flexible and convenient way. Pursue your education on your own terms, without compromising quality!


Experience a more personalized and adaptive academic journey with the help of digital tools.


We understand that life is busy, that's why we offer the flexibility to study from anywhere, at your own pace.

Additional Learning Experiences

Enrich your educational experience with projects, networking opportunities, academic events and more.

Personalized Attention

We provide personalized support and guidance throughout your studies.

Student Services

Our comprehensive range of student services includes technical support, academic advising, and assistance with any queries or concerns you may have - all available remotely

Skills Development

While pursuing the Adult Undergraduate Degree in Business Management, you will develop skills in:

  • Making strategic decisions based on the analysis of organizations and their environment.
  • Executing management processes that impact social transformation, development, and improvement.
  • Developing sustainable business models within an ethical and socially responsible framework.
  • Managing resources and processes to achieve the objectives established by organizations.

Graduate Profile

Upon completing your Undergraduate Degree, you will have gained the ability to:

  • Formulate strategies that incorporate various aspects of administration, innovation, entrepreneurship, and social responsibility, with a positive effect on the management of organizations and their different areas.
  • Analyze financial information and recommend cost-reduction strategies, using budget control skills and knowledge, and streamlining the organization’s financial and material resources.

Choose up to two of our Certifications:

  • Financial Planning and Control
  • Business Consulting and Coaching
  • E-commerce and Social Media
  • Product and Service Development

Courses by Trimester

Human Being as a Project Administration Mathematics for Business

Economics Strategic Marketing Financial Accounting

Effective Communication ICTs for Business Innovation Financial Analysis

Business Intelligence Business Law Business Statistics

Labor Law and Social Security Talent Management Costs Accounting

Scientific Research Managerial Accounting Fiscal Framework

Financial management Business genetics and human behavior Innovation in strategic marketing

Entrepreneurship Supply chain management Strategic management

SME management Lessons in business leadership Market research

Ethics for 21st-century society Project management Certification I

Investment projects Capstone project I Certificación II

Global Competence Senior Management Seminar Capstone Project II

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