Some of our initiatives:

  • Training and certification, including unique consultancy and training programs designed according to your organization’s needs. 
  • High-impact projects in close collaboration with the private, public, and social sectors.
  • Technological projects and applied innovations that create win-win results.

More about us

Our Business Incubator

At CETYS University, we guide you in the process of transforming your business idea into a reality: creating a Business Model, designing effective strategies, analyzing markets, and much more. 

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Acquire CETYS talent!

Through a simple and efficient procedure, you can benefit from the support of our competent and innovative-minded students, who are well-prepared to tackle professional challenges.

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Keep growing professionally!

Through this initiative, CETYS and your organization will establish collaborative ties that seek to  providing professional training through Graduate programs and Adult Undergraduate programs tailored for individuals over 22 years old.

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Become an agent of change.

Our students actively engage as catalysts of positive change in society, by leading and participating in projects aimed at enhancing and developing our community.

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Modalidades de Internacionalización


De los egresados de Lic. contaron con una experiencia internacional


de los Docentes de Tiempo Completo cuentan con un Doctorado


de los alumnos cuentan con Beca o Apoyo Financiero