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Transform Your Perspective,
Transform Yourself

Experience the transformative journey of the Double Degree MBA program offered by CETYS University and the University of San Diego (USD), a collaboration dedicated to shaping professionals with a global vision of the business world, drawing from the rich experiences in this significant region.

The MBA Double Degree focuses on developing skills for high-level managerial positions within organizations.

Two professional degrees, valid in Mexico and the United States:

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
CETYS Universidad

Master of Arts in Leadership Studies
University of San Diego

  • Develop competencies that empower you to understand business from an international perspective.
  • Gain insights from scholars from both nations in two languages.
  • Both institutions are accredited by WASC, the foremost accreditor in the United States.
  • Broaden your professional connections on both sides of the border.

Why Choose CETYS GSB?

Learn from top-tier academics

Expand your professional network

Enhance your experience with a course abroad


years of experience


graduates annually


years Ranked in 'Expansion' magazine


international courses


Our program empowers professionals to drive positive change in their environments, equipped with the expertise to reshape business paradigms and tackle dynamic global challenges.

Lead Harness your leadership and management expertise to drive impactful change.
Build Develop projects centered on continuous improvement and innovative solutions.
Entrepreneurship Cultivate entrepreneurship initiatives by leveraging your skillset.



  • Taught by professors from both universities
  • 100% in English
  • Optional subjects abroad

Master in Business
CETYS University

Available Courses

  1. Entrepreneurship Development
  2. Business Ethics
  3. Statistics for Business
  4. Financial Management for Leadership
  5. Human Resources Management
  6. Strategic Marketing
  7. Supply Chain Management
  8. Global Economics
  9. Competitive Strategy with Corporate Social Responsibility

School of Leadership
and Education Sciences
University of San Diego

Available Courses:

  1. Leadership and Sustainable Development
  2. Contemporary Topics in Senior Management
  3. International Strategic Management
  4. Organizational Development and Change Management
  5. Cross-Cultural Management
  6. Selected Topics in Senior Management
  7. Capstone Project

Highly Qualified Faculty

100% of our Full-Time Faculty and 70% of Adjunct Faculty members hold a Ph.D.
Additionally, we have a dedicated team of International Professors.


How long does the Master's program last?
The duration of the program is typically two years, depending on the academic workload. Programs may be organized into trimesters or semesters.

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What are the costs?
Tuition fees vary for each course depending on your chosen program. We encourage you to use our tuition fee simulator for an estimate.

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Can I enroll without a degree?
You can continue your admission process with your exam extension certificate.

Learn about the admission process requirements.

What is the graduation process?
To graduate, you must complete all courses and have no pending documents or outstanding debts. Our staff will assist you throughout this process.

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28 JUN 2024

Ceremonia de Graduación,

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