We put for you the terms that are derived, prior to the processing of your personal data.

Privacy policy

Identity and Address of the Responsible.

Instituto Educativo del Noroeste, A.C., (hereinafter “IENAC”), association that sponsors CETYS University, with address at Calzada CETYS s/n, Col. Rivera, C.P. 21259, Mexicali Baja California, México, is responsible for the processing of personal data, in terms of the Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares (“LFPDPPP”).

Personal Data subject to treatment.

IENAC informs every person (hereinafter, “Holder”) that, as part of its registration of prospective students, students, and those with whom IENAC enters into a legal relationship and/or of any other type in order to provide its services, will collect and use personal data from the Holder (hereinafter “Data”) applicable according to the type of Holder from whom the data is collected, which include, but are not limited to: name, date of birth, address, previous academic degrees awarded, information of parents or guardians, telephone number, email, Tax ID number (RFC), CURP, physical characteristics and condition, academic data and other data that facilitates the identification and contact of the Holder, within the purposes hereinafter described, around IENAC’s specific objectives, which among others are: to provide educational services focused on the individual’s integral formation in specific fields of knowledge and educational levels defined by IENAC; as well as the promotion of cultural, sports, technological and scientific research activities, and the search of candidates for financial aid awards.

Likewise, IENAC may collect and process personal data of family members and/or third parties with whom the Holder has a legal relationship of Parental Authority or Guardianship or that financially support him; consequently, by providing such data of family members and/or third parties, the Holder acknowledges having their consent to have their data processed by IENAC in order to fulfill its purposes.

Sensitive Personal Data subject to treatment.

IENAC informs that in order to better identify the Holders, for statistical purposes, and for the rendering of educational services, it will collect and process the following Sensitive Personal Data: financial and wealth data, racial or ethnic origin, physical and emotional health status.

Purposes of the Treatment of Data.

  • Primary purposes. IENAC informs the Holder that their data will be processed for the following primary purposes depending on and in compliance with the legal relationship between the Holder and IENAC, among others:
    • Provide educational services inside and outside of any of IENAC’s Campus, focused on the integral formation of people, in education levels of High School, University and Continuous Education.
    • Carry out any related and/or necessary activity for the optimal provision of educational services, promotion of culture, sports, research and language teaching, including the revalidation and accreditation of previous studies, social service and professional practices.
    • Identify the Holder through the creation of a profile in IENAC’s database, the assignment of an alphanumeric code and the delivery of an identity document within the CETYS community.
    • Carry out evaluations and inform the Holder about his academic and extracurricular performance.
    • When appropriate, to inform of the academic performance of the Holder to his parents, tutors or whoever exercises parental authority, or to third parties who have interest because they financially support the Holder.
    • Provide the Holder with physical access to the IENAC facilities.
    • Provide the Holder with access to the different infrastructure systems and technological systems owned by IENAC or third parties affiliated with IENAC.
    • Managing collections based on the relationship between IENAC and the Holder, whether these procedures are carried out by IENAC or by a third party that it contracts.
    • Implement programs that promote health and physical and emotional well-being.
    • Implement programs that promote the development of values, attitudes, skills and positive behaviors in all members of the CETYS community.
    • Where appropriate, to hire an insurance in benefit of the Holder.
    • In the event that the Holder is a recipient of educational services by IENAC, for the hiring of a tuition insurance for the benefit of the Holder.
    • In the event that the Holder is an IENAC employee, for the sale of “CETYS Sorteo” tickets.
    • If requested by the Holder, conduct socio-economic studies and corresponding procedures aimed at granting financial aid and/or educational loans.
    • When appropriate, for procedures related to financial aid awarded by the Government of the United States of North America.
    • In case the Holder receives a financial aid, to carry out the scholarship service.
    • In case of being requested by the Holder, to enroll him to participate in internationalization and/or linkage programs, with educational and noneducational institutions outside the IENAC domicile.
    • For the recording and reproduction of surveillance videos taken on the corresponding Campus for security reasons.
    • For the preparation of tax receipts.
  • Secondary purposes. Likewise, IENAC informs the Holder that it will use his data for the following purposes that are not necessary nor essential (“Secondary purposes”) for the relationship between IENAC and the Holder:
    • Provide the Holder information regarding courses, diplomas, symposiums, academic workshops, sports, cultural and social events, among others, specific to IENAC.
    • Conduct market research.
    • Apply surveys to improve the services provided by IENAC.
    • For those who don’t have any of the financial aid mentioned in the primary Purposes, for the sale of tickets of “CETYS Sorteo”.
    • For the hiring of a medical insurance, even when the Holder already has one.
    • For the creation of an alumni profile.
    • For the preparation of an alumni identity document.
    • To invite the Holder, in case of being an alumnus, to events, forums and associations within the CETYS Alumni program.
    • For the usage and disclosure of the Holder’s personal image (whether in photo format, video, or any other) in IENAC’s information and promotional material.

The Holder has the right to object to the processing of his personal data for the previous Secondary purposes, following the procedure to exercise his ARCO and Data Revocation Rights described below.


In any case, IENAC will make available to the third party to whom the Data will be shared (hereinafter “Recipient”) this Privacy Notice and the latter will have to accept and process the Data received in the terms provided herein. IENAC may make the following transfers:


Third Receptor Purpose Consent
National and foreign
educational institutions
Promote academic exchange and student mobility for the academic and training purposes of the Holder Necessary.

Consented in this act.

Non-educational institutions. For the evaluation, approval and obtention of financial aid in favor of the Holder Necessary.

Consented in this act.

Consulting companies. Practice various surveys and consulting
practices on the services provided by

Consented in this act.

Organizations that carry out certifications and/or evaluations of educational institutions. Validation of diplomas, certifications, and degrees issued to the Holder.
Not necessary.
Companies that enter into collaboration agreements with IENAC. Train, seek sponsorships and better services, among other purposes within the purposes of IENAC.

Consented in this act.

Company or individual with whom IENAC contracts collection efforts. Manage collections in the event of the breach of obligations by the Holder. Not necessary.
Insurance Institutions. Manage medical, personal accident or
tuition insurances in benefit of the

Consented in this act.

Government Authorities and Organisms Those provided in the various Mexican laws and any other applicable law.
Not necessary.


In specific cases and according to the activities developed by the Holder, IENAC will request his prior consent to transfer Data in favor of a Recipient other than those previously listed.

Acceptance of the Privacy Notice.

The Holder expressly states that he has read and understood all the terms under which IENAC will treat/process his Data and consequently authorizes IENAC to carry out such treatment, as well as the transfers established therein, prior to providing the Data and not opposing to that established in this Privacy Notice.

In the event that the Holder is a minor, the latter states that he has obtained the consent of his parents, guardians, or whomever exercises parental authority over this Privacy Notice.

ARCO Rights and Revocation and Limitation of use and/or Disclosure of Data.

The Holder may limit the use or disclosure of their Data, and exercise any of their rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition (“ARCO Rights”) and/or revocation, related to the Data processed by IENAC, by sending an email to the following address

In this email, the Holder shall exercise the right that corresponds to their interest, stating the reason why it is exercised, including a clear and precise description of the personal data on which it seeks to exercise any of the rights and attaching any of the following official identifications that allow IENAC to ensure its identity:

  • Voting card;
  • Passport;
  • Professional license;
  • A migratory document that proves the legal stay in the country, in case of being a foreigner.

IENAC, within 20 (twenty) business days following the receipt of the request by email, will inform the Holder its admissibility and if applicable, will make it effective within a term not greater than 15 (fifteen) business days counted from the communication of the response to the Holder.

Use of Technologies.

IENAC informs the Holder that some of its internet pages uses data files that are stored on the hard disk of the computer equipment or electronic device of the Holder user when browsing a specific site called cookies that allow the exchange of status information between said site and the Holder’s browser, through which it is possible for IENAC to monitor the user’s behavior as an Internet user, which could include obtaining data. These technologies may be disabled following the procedure of the Browser used by the Holder.

Notification for changes to the Privacy Notice.

IENAC will inform the Holder of any changes to this Privacy Notice through communications via the website


Notice Updated December 5th, 2018