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International Students

Experience CETYS! You’ll be a part of a dynamic and open community that will make you feel at home.


  • What type of accommodations does the university offer?

    CETYS University does not have student residences. Students can live in family homes,  or rent a room or apartment.

  • How do students apply for accommodation?

    Directly with the International Programs Office. Please request accommodation at least one month before arrival.

  • Are there any health insurance requirements?

    It is mandatory to have insurance for major medical expenses with coverage in Mexico.

  • What are the living costs?

    Approximately $ 600 USD per month including accommodation.

  • Is there a shuttle service on arrival?

    Yes. The International Programs Office will pick up exchange students only on the dates indicated.

To apply:

The following documents must be made available:

  • Valid passport copy
  •  Learning agreement
  • Letter of intent
  • Letter of recommendation from the academic coordinator
  • Official academic records (transcripts)
  • Proof of Spanish language studies (when selecting courses in Spanish)
International Students
International Students

Important dates

When to apply:

  • Fall semester (August to December): by May 15th
  • Spring semester (January to June): by November 15th

  • Fall semester: Friday before the first day of classes
  • Spring semester: Friday before the first day of classes
Arrival to Baja California / Mexico:

  • Fall semester: At least one week before the first day of classes
  • Spring semester: At least one week before the first day of classes

  • Spring semester 2019: January 21 – June 6
  • Fall semester 2019: August 5

Important information

Degrees offered:

  • Undergraduate & Graduate

Course language: Spanish (some classes may be offered in English)


  •       Business
  •       Law
  •       Engineering
  •       Psychology

Grading system:

  •       70 – 100: Regular to Excellent
  •       69 or less: Insufficient

Course load:

  •       5 max

Language courses:

  •        Spanish (Intensive)


IWe are located in the most important and dynamic cities in Baja.

Student Life

CETYS focuses on diverse aspects of student life, with a comprehensive educational model you will find a student environment ideal to pursue your academic interests, face challenges, hobbies, culture, sports, leadership, among many others.



Contact Us

Mexicali Campus

Gabriela Galaz

International Programs Coordinator

Tel. +52 (686) 567-3700 Ext.1530

Tijuana Campus

Dara Carmí Macías Sánchez

International Programs Coordinator

Tel. +52 (664) 903-1800 Ext. 231

Ensenada Campus

Cristopher Espinoza Escoto

International Programs Coordinator

Tel. +52 (646) 222-2300

Double Degree

Karla Mariana Solís González

Coordinator Assistant

Tel. +52 (664) 903-1800 Ext. 244

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