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International Students

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  • Am I eligible to apply to CETYS University as an international student?

    The exchange program for international students in CETYS is open to all students currently enrolled in an accredited college or university.

  • What is CETYS’ course load?

    Typically, an exchange student will take 5 courses during his/her semester stay at CETYS University. Courses at the undergraduate level are typically 4 hours per week, for a total of 64 hours. A four-hour course equals 8 credits. 8 credits (1 course) = 5 ECTS to 6 ECTS.

  • Is the exchange program available only for partner universities?

    No, however, it is required for international students from non-partner universities to pay full tuition.

  • What type of accommodations does the university offer?

    CETYS University does not have student residences. Students can live in family homes,  or rent a room or apartment.

  • How do students apply for accommodation?

    Directly with the International Programs Office. Please request accommodation at least one month before arrival.

  • Are there any health insurance requirements?

    Yes, due to the still ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is required for international students planning on traveling to Mexico to have health insurance with COVID-19 coverage and also arrive in the country with a negative PCR test.

  • What are the living costs?

    Approximately $600 USD a month.

  • Is there a shuttle service on arrival?

    Yes. The International Programs Office will pick up exchange students only on the dates indicated.

To apply:

The following documents must be made available:

  • Valid passport copy
  •  Learning agreement
  • Letter of intent
  • Letter of recommendation from the academic coordinator
  • Official academic records (transcripts)
  • Proof of Spanish language studies (when selecting courses in Spanish)
International Students
International Students

Important dates

When to apply:

  • Fall semester (August to December): by May 15th
  • Spring semester (January to June): by November 15th

  • Fall semester: Friday before the first day of classes
  • Spring semester: Friday before the first day of classes
Arrival to Baja California / Mexico:

  • Fall semester: At least one week before the first day of classes
  • Spring semester: At least one week before the first day of classes

  • Spring semester 2019: January 21 – June 6
  • Fall semester 2019: August 5

Important information

Degrees offered:

  • Undergraduate & Graduate

Course language: Spanish (some classes may be offered in English)


  •       Business
  •       Law
  •       Engineering
  •       Psychology

Grading system:

  •       70 – 100: Regular to Excellent
  •       69 or less: Insufficient

Course load:

  •       5 max

Language courses:

  •        Spanish (Intensive)


IWe are located in the most important and dynamic cities in Baja.

Student Life

CETYS focuses on diverse aspects of student life, with a comprehensive educational model you will find a student environment ideal to pursue your academic interests, face challenges, hobbies, culture, sports, leadership, among many others.



Contact Us

Mexicali Campus

Gabriela Galaz

International Programs Coordinator

Tel. +52 (686) 567-3700 Ext.1530

Tijuana Campus

Dara Carmí Macías Sánchez

International Programs Coordinator

Tel. +52 (664) 903-1800 Ext. 231

Ensenada Campus

Dulce Guerrero Baeza

International Programs Coordinator

Tel. +52 (646) 222-2300

Double Degree

Karla Mariana Solís González

Coordinator Assistant

Tel. +52 (664) 903-1800 Ext. 244

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