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All of our programs are constantly updated according to trends in the fields of knowledge, needs of employers, and recommendations of accrediting bodies.

Available in Mexicali, Tijuana and Ensenada







Our Academic Offer

At CETYS you will find an academic offer fit to your needs. Innovative and validated by national and international agencies, in the areas of Business, Engineering and Social Sciences and Humanities.

College of Engineering
Electronic Cybernetics Engineering
Computer Science Engineering
Digital Graphic Design Engineering
Renewable Energy Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering
Software Engineering
Industrial Engineering Global Program, taught entirely in English.
College of Business and Administration
Business Administration
Marketing Management
International Public Accounting
Graphic Design
Business Intelligence and Innovation
International Logistics
International Business
International Business Global Program, taught entirely in English.
College of Social Sciences and Humanities
Clinical Psychology
Child Psychology
Organizational Psychology

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What makes us different?

At CETYS we actively contribute to the preparation of young leaders, instilling values and an educational model geared towards global competitiveness. Due to a series of elements procured and present in all of our academic programs, and by activities in class and outside of.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Linkage and Networks

Social Responsibility

Information Literacy


Experience CETYS

CETYS has everything to assist you in reaching your professional goal and begin your experience of an education to enhance each of your skills and aptitutes.

Quality and Transcendence

With over 58 years of experience in the formation of young leaders and professionals, we continuously rank among the top universities in the region in national rankings.

The only university in Mexico with WASC accreditation.

Comprehensive Education

Enhance your cultural and athletic talent, leadership skills and social commitment via numerous activities, events and clubs.

Innovative Campus

Our infrastructure and facilities are optimal. State-of-the art and geared towards the development of your personal competencies and academic success.




Our professors have a high academic level and always give you personalized attention.

Get to know the world!

We bring internationalization to the classroom: without leaving the campus you can enjoy summer courses, academic visits and institutional projects that will enrich your training. We also have study trips, teachers and students from abroad, which will allow you to interact on a global environment, because we want you to explore, to discover and to live the experience of international education.

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Financial aid

CETYS is accessible to all who wish to study.
Learn more about the financial aid options available for you.

8 out of every 10 students at CETYS have some form of financial aid.

  • Academic Scholarships
  • Athletic Scholarships
  • CETYS Alumni Tuition Discount
  • Sibling Tuition Discount
  • CETYS Tuition Credit
  • FAFSA Financial Aid

The Unidos Scholarship is the result of an institutional effort that aims to support young talent affected by the health crisis derived from COVID-19, generating opportunities for assuring continuity in high-quality, professional education programs.

This Scholarship is offered at the three CETYS University campuses: Mexicali, Tijuana, and Ensenada. It is directed at incoming students entering any undergraduate program, noted for their intellectual skills and solid high school academic background.

Available in all 3 of our campuses. 

Application requirements:

New Entry to Engineering School

  • Hold an overall average of 8.5 +
  • Complete an application and submit required documents
  • Answer a socioeconomic survey
  • No entrance examination required (during COVID 19 contingency.)

New Entry to Law School, Psychology, Business and Administration

  • Hold an overall average of 9.0 +
  • Complete an application and submit required documents
  • Answer a socioeconomic survey
  • No entrance examination required (during COVID 19 contingency.)

Academic Scholarships

Comprehensive Plan for Financial Aid

This plan combines 10% of CETYS credit, and anywhere from 25% up until 80% of academic scholarship for students with an overall GPA of 8.5+ and 1,120 points in their admission exam, as well as results of their socio-economic evaluation.

Available in all 3 of our campuses. 

Comprehensive Plan for Financial Aid for Engineering Programs

For students applying to all Engineering Programs, with academic achievements and skills, as well as their academic trajectory from High School.
This plan combines 10% of CETYS Credit, and up to 40% of scholarship for students with a general GPA of 8.5+ in high school and 1, 250 points in their admission test.

Available in all 3 of our campuses. 

PAFENI Scholarship

Available only in our Ensenada Campus, and created with the intent of supporting young professionals that wish to study with at CETYS. The scholarship for any program in undergraduate is 25% of semester-based tuition.

Student must have a general GPA of 8.5, without having failed any courses and pass the admission exam.

Athletic Scholarships

Receive a scholarship ranging from 10% to 80%. These plan is geared towards those students who have excellent academic credentials and are also outstanding athletes.

Physical and technical examinations are required based upon the student’s sport discipline to apply for this scholarship.

CETYS Alumni Tuition Discount

If you, or your parents graduated from each of our degree programs from any campus, a 10% automatic tuition discount is applied.

Sibling Discount

Discount up to 15% to families with two or more children enrolled at CETYS.
This discount applies with the sole restriction of financial aid does not exceed 50% for two siblings and 75% for three siblings.

Subject upon request and socio-economic study.

CETYS Tuition Credit

Available for students, providing up to 12% in financial aid for undergraduate and up to 10% in engineering programs.

FAFSA Financial Aid

U.S. Federal Financial Aid that may be requested upon enrollment to CETYS for all U.S. Citizens or residents. With a annual interest of 4.45%.
This loan may also be combined with other financial plans from CETYS and the amount depends on each student’ personal and financial evaluation.
Available for new students and returning students.

Apply Now.

For more information, please contact via e-mail:

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Disclaimer, all financial aid or student support plans are approved and in adherence to institutional policies.

Get ready to live the best educational experience,
CETYS is waiting for you.



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