If you completed your studies in other institutions, both national and foreign, and wish to continue your studies at CETYS University, you can do it through the procedures of equivalence and / or revalidation.

Admission Process/ Credit and Course Equivalence / Graduate Programs


Course Equivalency

For studies in schools affiliated to the National Education System

Requirements (original and two copies):

If you attended or graduated from a school program in CETYS, you can apply for a validation considering the following requirements:

  • Kardex (Academic History) in the School Services Department
  • Make an appointment with the Director of School Services to discuss equivalency regulations
  • Go to appointment with the Academic Coordinator of the program that you want to revalidate to sign a preliminary equivalence project
  • Make the corresponding equivalence payment
  • Expect official results from the Ministry of Public Education (SEP)

If you attended or completed a school program at an institution other than CETYS, you can request equivalence with the following requirements:

  • Show total or partial certificate of the curriculum and of the descriptive letters of each one of its subjects before the Direction of School Services
  • Set an appointment with the Academic Coordinator of the program that you want to revalidate to sign a preliminary equivalence project
  • Make the corresponding equivalence payment
  • Wait for SEP official result

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Course Equivalency and Credit

It is the administrative act focused on validating your studies abroad, that is, outside the national education system. It can be granted in three ways:

1) Partial Revalidation
Se otorga a quienes hayan realizado estudios en el extranjero y pretendan revalidar sus estudios parciales, correspondientes a algún nivel del tipo superior, para continuarlos en instituciones del Sistema Educativo Nacional.

2) Total Revalidation
It is granted to those who have accredited and completed studies abroad of the superior type and who seek the recognition of these in the National Education System.

3) Expert opinion
Administrative act through which the educational authority recognizes for exclusively academic purposes, studies completed abroad, except for those referred to normal education.
With the objective that the interested person study postgraduate studies in the National Educational System, when this one does not have the purpose of practicing professionally in Mexico.

This process you must do personally before the Secretary of Public Education. Learn more HERE

Course Equivalency and Credit

Financial Aid

CETYS is accessible to all who wish to study.
Learn more about the financial aid options available for you!

8 out of every 10 students at CETYS have some form of financial aid.

  • CONACYT Scholarship
  • CONACYT Scholarship– Industry graduate programs
  • Masters in Education Scholarship
  • Public Organizations
  • Private organizations
  • CETYS Alumni Tuition Discount
  • FAFSA Financial Aid

CONACYT Scholarship

Covers total or partial payment of the program.

CONACYT Scholarship– Industry graduate programs

It is applicable to tuition and allows students to carry out their studies, provided that they work within the framework of CETYS-INDUSTRY collaboration aligned CONACYT standards.

Masters in Education Scholarship

50% of tuition for this specific program.

Public Organizations

In the Doctoral Degree in Education Program.

  • 50% of tuition for Baja California State Government employees*
  • 35% of tuition for IMSS employees
  • 30% of tuition for CECyTE BC employees
*Ask if your organization qualifies and requirements/documents needed to apply.

Private organizations

20% of tuition for private companies.

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CETYS Alumni Tuition Discount

If you, or your parents graduated from each of our degree programs from any campus, a 10% automatic tuition discount is applied.

FAFSA Financial Aid

U.S. Federal Financial Aid that may be requested upon enrollment to CETYS for all U.S. Citizens or residents.
Available for new students and returning students

For more information, please contact us
educational experience

CETYS is an educational experience made just for you.

Be part of the top institution in Northwestern Mexico. Our offer includes programs accredited by national and international agencies, we are proud of hosting top-tier faculty and cutting edge infrastructure providing interactive and dynamic academic and co-curricular student life.

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