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This innovative project created by CETYS University alumni could save up to 7 gallons of water per day.

Water waste in bathrooms could be considerably reduced, generating energy to recharge even a cell phone during the course of a shower. With this in mind, graduates of the School of Engineering at CETYS University in Tijuana, Christian Iñiguez from the Renewable Energy Engineering Program and Fernando Cortez from the Electronic Cybernetics, created “RS-WC”(Renewable and Sustainable WC).

This innovative project consists of reusing  water from the shower. It separates soap and other accumulated waste by filtering and sending it to the “RS-WC”  unit, which collects the liquid to be used in the toilet later. A shower of just 15 minutes that uses an average of 21 gallons of water it is enough to generate five toilet discharges, thus saving 5 to 7 gallons of water a day.

 “While I was in the shower, I recognized the volume of water that was being thrown away. We are not aware of the actual waste of liquid. We have been flushing the toilet every day for decades, hence we consider this normal and do not question if this is the most efficient method” said Christian Iñiguez, a graduate of the Renewable Energy Engineering Program at CETYS Tijuana.

 According to an analysis of water consumption habits in the Tijuana-San Diego region, students found that, per year, a person consumes enough water just by showering to fill 26 thousand Olympic pools, and that water is not reused in most cases.

“We redesigned a conventional shower, implementing the appropriate electric generators used for water flow and produced sufficient energy for charging small devices, such as batteries or cell phones” added Fernando Cortez, who graduated from the Electronic Cyber ​​Engineering at the Tijuana Campus.

 “RS-WC is a 4-phase toilet-shower system that optimizes the use of water through the collection of H2O from the shower to discharge the toilet, generating electricity in the process”, said the students.

 “We tackled the waste of water in the bathroom of any home and this has an environmental impact and economic benefits.”


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