Mexican entrepreneurs develop low cost bionic prostheses

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This development, to obtain support from investors, will have an important social impact because it decreases production costs and, therefore, would be accessible to the population with scarce resources.

Initially, it was supported by federal resources and the Center of Excellence in Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship of CETYS University, through its High Impact Business Incubator, unique in the Northwest region of the country accredited by the National Institute of the Entrepreneur ( INADEM).

“Being part of the largest industrial fair in the world, Hannover, means an opportunity to commercialize a project at the international level and position the company with its project of bionic prostheses for lower limbs”, commented Rubén Castañeda Martínez, general director of Soblin.

Soblin has dedicated a year to medical bioengineering, and specializes in the design and creation of prostheses that use advanced technologies in IoT (Internet of things) and mechatronics. They develop bionic prostheses for lower limbs, which have sensors that read at all times the dynamics of the person and generate movement based on this.

There are three types of prostheses:

  • passive: these are the most common kind and work with the inertia of body movement
  • semi passives: work according to the support of the body
  • active: have movement by themselves, because they have sensors that read at all times the dynamics of people. Soblin are in the process of perfecting the prototypes and protecting their intellectual property, after their presentation in Hannover, Germany.

Castañeda Martínez added that the company is in the testing phase, but assured that the prostheses developed by them will have, on the market, up to a cost 10 times lower than the current ones that are quoted at 70 thousand dollars.

Currently there is only one company worldwide that distributes this type of prosthesis, so that its economic accessibility is minimal to the general public. This is one of the objectives of the Mexican company: with its own technology, to reduce production costs and, therefore, to make the population more likely to acquire these prostheses.

Soblin was established in June 2017, and currently promotes these prostheses through the Technological Institute of Rehabilitation A. C. Carolina Tejeda, graduated from the Bachelor of International Public Accountant, is part of the company. Together with other university graduates, they are promoting this project with the objective of responding to the 75,000 amputations that are carried out annually in the country.
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