NAU and CETYS University exchange academic experiences

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In order to exchange academic and cultural experiences as well as strengthen the binational relationship between the Northern Arizona University (NAU) of Arizona and CETYS University; a group of academics and authorities of the American institution visited CETYS Mexicali Campus.

During the visit, Dr. Fernando León García President of CETYS University, explained the achievements and challenges that the Institution has had for almost 58 years of history.

Members of the NAU presented the components that make up the educational model of the American university and the relevance of the work between both borders.

Dr. Rita Cheng, President of NAU, said that the collaboration between both institutions strengthens the educational model of the universities because it gives an international perspective to students, preparing them better for the labor market.


CETYS University President, stressed that both institutions have been committed to the development of the border region, both in Baja California / California and in Arizona / Sonora.

“This partnership allows us to expand and strengthen the efforts of the two universities in terms of educational, economic and social development on both sides of the border,” he said.

The NAU delegation also visited the Center of Excellence in Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship (CECE) and the Center for Innovation and Design (CEID), as well as to know some of the projects that the students and teachers of the School of Engineering are conducting.

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