CETYS’ Board strengthens ties with Harvard University

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Members of the Instituto Educativo del Noroeste, A. C. (IENAC), an association that sponsors CETYS University, as well as directors of the institution, met with Dr. Michael Porter of the Harvard Business School, recognized globally as the the main authority on competitiveness and business strategy, on a recent visit to that university.

Dr. Porter spoke about the different projects that, together with his institute, have carried out in the United States, Mexico and around the world. After knowing the vision presented in CETYS Strategic Plan for 2020, he said that he found it ambitious, challenging, but achievable, since the institution has shown the necessary elements to achieve it.

Following a talk with the Director of Information Products of the Harvard Institute of Strategy and Competitiveness, Dr. Richard Bryden, the potential of analyzing a select group of regional clusters with a cross-border approach was also discussed, that CETYS participates in the application of this academic exercise.

With this visit to Boston, which included meetings with industry and other universities, the institution’s leaders had the opportunity to compare, contrast and evaluate the progress that CETYS has had in terms of business, engineering and its academic offer in general as well as the links between business and industry. “Our Council is constantly striving to broaden the horizon and raise the level of awareness and aspirations of the institution,” said the Rector, Dr. Fernando León García.

“We believe that this learning experience has been an excellent opportunity to know what other institutions are carrying out and what we at CETYS can incorporate as part of our development, to better serve our students and our region,” concluded León García.

In past years the Council participated in trips to San Francisco, visiting Stanford and Google, as well as Seattle, with meetings in Boeing and Paccar, among others.


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