Internationalization, innovation, and entrepreneurship, pillars of CETYS education: Annual Report 2021

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Dr. Fernando Léon-García, President of the CETYS University System, presented the results of the 2021 Annual Report to the community of the Mexicali, Tijuana, and Ensenada Campuses.

After a year of work that included significant learning derived from the impact of the pandemic on society, Dr. Fernando Léon-García, President of the CETYS University System, presented the 2021 Annual Report through the three Campuses of the CETYS System.

In his presentation, Dr. León-García talked about: High Quality, Global Competitiveness, Learning Communities, and Sustainability, four pillars of the CETYS 2020 Development Plan that have guided the Institution over the last decade until today, a transitional moment towards the 2036 Development Plan.

At the beginning of his presentation, Dr. León-García spoke about the work carried out during the pandemic in 2021: “Thanks in particular to the faculty, what was initially a mere reaction, became an exploration of possible learning models so that even if the pandemic spread, there was a model to migrate to according to the circumstances to achieve the learning objectives we pursue for our students.” This was accomplished thanks to the CETYS Flex 360° Plus Academic Model, under which virtual, hybrid, and face-to-face classes were taught.

Dr. León-García commented on the progress in areas such as cutting-edge educational programs and linkage for Double or Triple Degrees with institutions like the University of San Diego, City University of Seattle, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, and Providence University, Taiwan; accreditations and rankings by Times Higher Education, the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), and QS Stars.

Regarding the development of professors, 76% of full-time faculty members now hold a doctorate, which is a key component in the consolidation of the Research Strengthening Plan and the goal to increase the number of professors that belong to the Mexican National System of Researchers. About the students, there was broad participation in projects, academic, cultural, and leadership contests, as well as international athletic competitions, such as participation in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in Team Archery, and the incorporation of students into the ranks of international companies such as TESLA and Apple Inc.

As part of the Global Experience, more than 65% of undergraduate alumni achieved an international experience, and also, courses were taught through E-Mobility. The International Summer Program (ISP) took place with the participation of students and professors from nearly 20 countries. Furthermore, new alliances with global institutions were celebrated, allowing international mobility, as well as joint work for master’s degrees and doctorates.

Collaborative work with industry, society, government, and academia continued giving way to projects in the Institution’s Centers for Excellence, the Center for Wine Studies, and the CETYS Graduate School of Business; highlighting the work of the PIMSA-CETYS Distinguished Chairs, the support of the Academic Advisory Council, and the emergence of 100% virtual modalities through the CETYS I-Campus and the ACADEUM project.

In Sustainability, the President reported an increase of 2% in scholarships compared to 2020, which has allowed 8 out of 10 students to hold a scholarship or financial aid and extensive investment in infrastructure on each campus.

To conclude his presentation, Dr. Fernando León-García stated, “We are working in several areas. In 2022 and 2023, we will start addressing 2036 and further clarifying what the Institution wants to be on its 75th anniversary. You will discuss concepts such as transformative experience, significant impact, a culture of innovation, and national and global reach. We will continue working on High Quality, Global Competitiveness, Learning Communities, and Sustainability, but we will take it to the next level”.

CETYS continued to develop the areas of High Quality, Global Competitiveness, Learning Community, and Sustainability, looking forward to the future while being a benchmark for higher education in the areas of internationalization, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


Annual Report 2021:

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