Artificial Intelligence, Quality Assurance, and Human Capital. Reflections of the International INQAAHE Forum 2022

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The 13th Biennial INQAAHE Forum was held in Mexico City with more than 32 countries in attendance, reflecting on the assurance of educational quality, technology, and artificial intelligence, in synergy with human capital. The event was co-hosted by FIMPES, CETYS University, and IAUP.


The 13th Biennial Forum of the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE) was held in Mexico City to create a space for reflection on the assurance of quality. The central theme of this forum was Sustainable Quality Assurance: Optimizing Synergies between Human and Artificial Intelligence, exploring the relationship between the assessment of quality and the development of technology.

Through 4 days of workshops, conferences, sessions, and roundtables, more than 150 attendees from 32 countries reflected on the impact of artificial intelligence in education, databases, data information, and data ethics, as well as the various quality assurance processes in Higher Education Institutions. The event was co-organized by the Federation of Private Mexican Institutions of Higher Education (FIMPES) within the framework of its 40th anniversary, CETYS University, as part of its 60th-anniversary celebratory activities, and the International Association of University Presidents (IAUP). This is the first time that a forum of this nature is held in a Latin American country.

Present at the inauguration were Dr. Deborah Adir, President of INQAAHE; Professor José Mata-Temoltzin, Presidente of the FIMPES Board and President of Anahuac University, Puebla; Dr. Fernando León-García, President of CETYS University and President of IAUP, as well as the General Secretary of FIMPES, Ing. Rodrigo Guerra-Botello. In addition, there was an inaugural virtual message from Dr. Luciano Concheiro, Ministry of Higher Education of Mexico.

In her opening message, Dr. Deborah Adir addressed the current challenges in education, shared problems and aspirations among the attendees, as well as the way forward afforded by the learning opportunities for higher education created in forums such as INQAAHE.

Professor José Mata-Temoltzin spoke about the perspective of sustainability in education, the impact of technology, and the pandemic as a catalyst for change. He also commented on the importance of quality in higher education as a way of leading institutions through society.

Likewise, Dr. Fernando León-García emphasized that the forum allows the Higher Education community to foresee where quality assurance has migrated in the rest of the world as a result of the pandemic. Also, to identify the mechanisms and systems for said assurance, how educational approaches are changing, the importance of diversity, inclusion, gender equality, and sustainability, as well as how to integrate them into accreditation processes. He also stressed that the forum was an opportunity to learn about best institutional practices.

In his virtual message, Dr. Luciano Concheiro mentioned quality assurance in institutions and strong social transformations, nationally and internationally. He also spoke about the conditions and effects that have emerged in education since the pandemic and the need to reflect on the discourse on quality in educational systems from a human perspective.

The forum highlighted an extensive discussion on the ethics of information residing in databases and its uses in the fields of Artificial Intelligence to support students, prevent school dropouts, and diverse use of technology for learning.

The participants reflected on the Quality Assurance of HE and how the parameters for its analysis must be established at each institution, the role of accreditation bodies at a global level, and how the use of technology can support these processes to make them more agile.

Similarly, the training of human capital and the use of new technologies in support of quality assurance were discussed, through the lens of the controversies of Artificial Intelligence in decision making, as well as the necessary interactions and synergies between technological advances and people from an ethical point of view.

Thus, forums such as INQAAHE foster the creation of reflections and synergies between new educational, technological, and human capital trends, to ensure the quality of Higher Education Institutions from a global perspective.

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