CETYS University and Nottingham Trent University participate in a business exchange pilot program

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Eight NTU students participated in a four-week business program at CETYS University International Campus in Ensenada.


Last March, Nottingham Trent University (NTU) students took part in a business exchange program as part of a pilot exchange with CETYS University. This program seeks to develop business-minded entrepreneurs in a global context, leading to increased engagement in core studies through learning embedded in real-life situations with individuals who take ownership of their success.

NTU is developing an international network of Enterprise Hubs to offer a global and collaborative business education based on best practices from different continents. As part of this network, NTU established a global business exchange program for its students.

Dr. Diana Woolfolk Ruiz, Deputy Director of International Relations of the CETYS University System, explained that the relationship with NTU represents a positive and highly beneficial impact for both institutions. The collaboration has been enhanced and strengthened over time, allowing the exchange of experiences and the possibility of interaction and collaboration between students of both institutions.

“Integrating academic activities, visits to industry, as well as community service projects result in a well-rounded experience for all participants, triggering strong, meaningful, and high-value multicultural skills,” said Dr. Woolfolk Ruiz.

Within this context, she explained, eight NTU students from disadvantaged backgrounds attended a personalized four-week program at CETYS University in March, where they lived with students from this institution and worked with their peers from the CETYS Business Incubators in the development of new business ideas.

This, she said, allowed them to learn first-hand about the support available and provide a cross-cultural comparison with the UK. In addition, the students also attended business education seminars and industry tours organized and supervised by the host universities.

All students will continue to work together online on a joint business project after the March visits, creating a Europe/America project team. Then, the students will then attend a 4-week bespoke business program in Nottingham in July 2022 to complete their business proposals.

For David Titus, a Business Management and Accounting & Finance student at NTU, the visit to CETYS University, in addition to allowing him to visit emblematic places such as La Bufadora or attend wine tastings, has allowed him to immerse himself in Mexican culture.

“These activities are very interesting for my professional development; they certainly help us to understand the value ​​of culture. I appreciate the weather and the activities we can do indoors. In Ensenada and CETYS, the people have given us a warm welcome. I believe that we have had a breakthrough that allows us to know and understand the business culture in Mexico; working within companies gives us a better perspective from the business point of view, how business is done here,” he said.

Alex Proctor, a Business Management and Marketing student at NTU, emphasized that these activities differ from those in the United Kingdom, for which he considered they were relevant to broaden his knowledge about business and the way of looking at them.

“Some activities have been fun and others more serious and educational, but both have been extremely beneficial for my development and, in the future, for my way of working in the business. I highly recommend these programs; they are a unique experience,” he concluded.

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