CETYS inaugurates the first wine research center in Mexico: CEVIT

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CEVIT Inauguration Ceremony was held within the framework of the World Congress of Vine and Wine 2022. Alongside experts from 49 countries, the event was presided over by the Governor, Marina del Pilar Ávila-Olmeda, and the President of the CETYS University System, Dr. Fernando León-García.

The CETYS University Center for Wine Studies (CEVIT) was inaugurated today in a significant ceremony attesting to the coordinated commitment of government, business sector, and academia to viticulture, one of the most relevant productive fields in the state of Baja California, Mexico.

CEVIT is a unique center within Mexico, one that is promoting economic development alongside science and education in Baja California. “This center is located in one of the most beautiful municipalities in our country, where the harmony of its unique soil and climate, together with the work of thousands of women and men, have given the world the flagship product of our Baja Californian land. We are making history because we are sowing the seeds of tomorrow’s viticulture. We thank CETYS for championing this great project that will mark a before and after of the sector in Baja California and Mexico,” shared the governor, Marina del Pilar Avila-Olmeda.

Dr. Fernando León-García, President of the CETYS University System, highlighted that the CEVIT project was born in 2018 to share knowledge and expertise that contribute to the comprehensive development of the wine sector, as well as regional and national prosperity through applied research and technological and business innovation.

“CEVIT will be key in generating knowledge, capabilities, and technological infrastructure to develop the potential for production scaling. Likewise, it bears witness to the direction of higher education institutions that, emerging from the pandemic and heading towards the post-pandemic, will seek to be “glocal” multiversities. In this way, CETYS reiterates once again its unwavering commitment to regional and national development,” shared Dr. Fernando Leon-Garcia.

Dr. José Enrique Herbert-Pucheta, Scientific Delegate of Mexico to the OIV (International Organization of Vine and Wine) and Scientific Coordinator of the 43rd World Congress of Vine and Wine, said that CEVIT will host the Mexican Delegation to the OIV, where the resolutions reviewed and debated yearly in the viticulture, enology, economy, health law, and food safety commissions, will be drawn up. This, in addition to coordinating the different scientific and technological innovations associated with vineyards and wine throughout Mexico.

For Santiago José Argüello-Campos, General Director of Agricultural Promotion of the Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development, the basis of all growth, innovation, and development must be science and technology; since they are the engines that will keep agriculture on a positive trend, that prosper and generate development.

“To continue promoting viticulture in the scientific field, spaces like this are needed that allow more women, men, and young people to get closer to science and innovation. In this sense, we do no doubt that CEVIT will be the best ally of the country’s viticulture”, emphasized Mr. Argüello.

Finally, Gustavo Vildósola-Ramos, Chair of Instituto Educativo del Noroeste, A.C. (IENAC, a non-profit organization that sponsors CETYS University), stated that IENAC, true to its vision and its commitment to Baja California for more than 6 decades, once again initiates and brings to a successful fruition a project that will be of the highest relevance, key to an important sector of the economy, thus contributing to consolidating Baja California as a benchmark within the national wine industry.

Authorities representing Federal, State, and local government; members of the International Organization of Vine and Wine representing experts from 49 countries; board members of Instituto Educativo del Noroeste, A.C. (CETYS Board of Trustees); representatives of the wine sector; delegates of different chambers and business organizations, friends from partner companies, civil society organizations, leaders from other educational institutions, as well as international, national, and local media.

Center for Wine Studies:

The building that houses CEVIT spans more than 10,700 sq ft that includes laboratories, a tasting room, an auditorium with a capacity for 90 people, a library, a meeting room, offices for researchers, walkways, and green areas dedicated to supporting consolidated companies as well as emerging companies, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, organizations and institutions, researchers and enthusiasts linked with the wine industry in Mexico and around the world.


Live Opening Ceremony


Learn more about CEVIT  in the Institutional Video

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