Legacy of Anthology: Dr. Fernando León-García is recognized for his leadership in LATAM

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Dr. Fernando León-García, President of CETYS University and the Association of University Presidents (IAUP), was selected as one of the 22 educational leaders to be part of Legacy, an anthology of experiences of academic leaders in Latin America.

Featuring prominent presidents and deans from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic, Legacy Anthology addresses their experiences, from their formation at an early age to the educational projects for which they are now recognized in their respective countries.

Jim Brigadier, president of Anthology Global Markets, owner of the Blackboard educational platform, presented the anthology to Dr. Fernando León-García within the framework of CETYS 61st Anniversary Commemorative Ceremony. President Brigadier spoke about the challenges that education had experienced recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the opportunities that digitization in education has provided.

Legacy Anthology allows you to learn first-hand the stories of the people who lead educational projects in Latin America through their joys and pains, the challenges the region has faced, their achievements and blunders, and the lessons the has learned. It is, therefore, a journey from the perspective of its protagonists to discover the reality and current affairs of higher education in the continent.

“You have to provide continuity to everything that is transcendent and add what is relevant for future development.”

-Dr. Fernando León-García, President of CETYS University.

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