Alumni Bardo Limon-Félix wins “author of CETYS University Athem”

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Professor Bardo Agustín Limón-Félix was recognized as the winner of the contest to write the lyrics for the CETYS University anthem, during a ceremony held in hybrid modality.

To promote a sense of belonging to the institution, CETYS University invited all members of the community to submit proposals for the CETYS University Anthem; the author of the significant lyrics of this musical theme and winner of this contest was Professor Bardo Limón-Félix, whose name, creativity, and talent will become part of the history of this institution.

A CETYS alum currently serving as the Coordinator of the Bachelor of Marketing Administration program of the College of Business and Administration at the Mexicali Campus, Professor Limón-Félix highlighted the relevance of CETYS University and its impact on the region throughout its 60 years of existence.

“The best award I can receive is knowing that when my children arrive at their commencement ceremony and sing this anthem, proudly they will say my father wrote it”, said the winner.

Dr. Alberto Gárate-Rivera, Vice-President of Academic Affairs of the CETYS University System, congratulated the winner of the contest and the composer that will write the music of the said piece, highlighting its relevance within the framework of the celebrations for CETYS University 60th Anniversary.

“The school needs many very good stories, and the CETYS Anthem is one of them. It is a good narrative necessary to strengthen an identity that we have been forging for over six decades. We now need to add music to the words of Professor Bardo, and then we will incorporate this anthem into the special moments of CETYS’ life so that new generations enjoy it”, he said.

At the event, the author virtually handed the lyrics to Professor Samuel Jorge Maynez-Vidal, who will write the music, through the representation of Dr. Alberto Gárate. Professor Maynez-Vidal attended this event via virtual modality.

During his brief message, Professor Maynez-Vidal said: “An anthem is something very important, it must reflect the philosophy of an institution. Fortunately, we have good lyrics for writing the music, which gave me great inspiration. I hope you’ll like the finished anthem. I am very happy, the goal was fulfilled, we have good lyrics, and the music is almost finished”, he shared.

Maynez-Vidal has been a professor at various Mexican cultural institutions, among them the National School of Music of the National Autonomous University of Mexico; he is part of the National System of Musical Promotion, belonging to the Ministry of Culture.

The ceremony held in hybrid modality included Dr. Luis Linares-Borboa, Coordinator of the Evaluation Committee of the Lyrics Contest for CETYS University anthem, Dr. Mario Dipp-Núñez, Dean of the CETYS Mexicali Campus, and presided by Dr. Alberto Gárate-Rivera, Vice-President of Academic Affairs of CETYS University.

Dr. Fernando León-García, President of CETYS University, witnessed the awarding and symbolic delivery of the winning lyrics through a virtual connection.

Also, via the internet, the event was attended by: Dr. David Alejandro Ornelas-Gutiérrez, representing the Professors of the Ensenada Campus; Professor José Luis Espinoza-Garcia, representing the Professors of the Tijuana Campus; and the Cultural Diffusion Area Coordinators of ​​the Mexicali, Tijuana, and Ensenada campuses.

The CETYS anthem, in its final version, will be released during a concert organized by the CETYS Cultural Promotion area, scheduled to take place during May 2022.

The recognition ceremony for the author of the lyrics of the CETYS University Anthem and its delivery to be musicalized form part of the celebrations for six decades of CETYS observed this 2021. This marks 60 years since a group of courageous leaders took upon the enormous challenge of creating this institution.

The CETYS 60th Anniversary celebrations will run until September 2022. Learn about the complete program of activities and follow the broadcasts and reviews of the anniversary events at You can also do it through the social networks of CETYS University.

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