CETYS begins the transition towards “the campus of the future” with a multi level parking lot of 200 million pesos

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With the grand opening of the new Multilevel Parking Structure and Pedestrian Skyway (EMyPP) at the Tijuana Campus, CETYS University begins the transition as an avant-garde space of the future that will bring the modernization and innovation to strategic areas for support the institutional efforts of preparing students.

As part of the activities held to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the institution, Dr. Fernando León-García, President of CETYS University, led the inauguration of the seven-level structure with a capacity of 700 vehicles, conformed by 7,895 square meters that connect through a massive pedestrian bridge with Tijuana campus. All this with an investment of more than 200 million pesos sponsored by the Instituto Educativo del Noroeste Asociación Civil (IENAC), the governing board of CETYS composed of renowned business leaders in the region.

In his speech before the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Dr. Fernando León-García said:

“These efforts help the positioning of our university, not only in the country’s northwest region but in the rest of Mexico. Undoubtedly, the significant growth that is coming will give the community a transformative experience, with a culture of innovation, with significant impact, and with national and global reach. We will become a more responsive, resilient, innovative, and inclusive institution, well-positioned in the post-pandemic stage.”

Gustavo Vildósola-Ramos, Board Chair of the IENAC, said: “It is not just about a new parking structure, this it is a first-rate building that reflects the support of committed people. These kinds of achievements will strengthen the continuity and evolution of one of the most influential schools in Mexico’s northwest region, a university that inspires with leadership that transcends. 

The growth of the Tijuana campus reflects in the Infrastructure Master Plan. It shows a clear perspective towards the year 2036 when CETYS will be celebrating 75 years of foundation. Currently, there is a capacity of more than 3,000 students and is expected to grow to 5,500 for that year.

“The importance that this project will represent, undoubtedly lies in the fact that now we are ready to see the Tijuana Campus grow, a need that will put CETYS University at the forefront in the region,” shared José Luis Padilla, from the Construction Committee of CETYS Tijuana.

Orlando López-Álvarez, representing the Tijuana Campus student body, studied High School at CETYS and is now pursuing an Executive Bachelor’s Degree. “I have witnessed a growth in infrastructure and the sense of pride that students and graduates feel for being part of CETYS. We are now part of CETYS history with the inauguration of this building.

We can be sure that parking will be more efficient, but more importantly, this project will allow the Campus to grow and house new students and new professionals who will ensure a better Tijuana. With this project, we have the certainty that a pandemic did not stop CETYS”.

Also present at the event were M.A. Jessica Ibarra-Ramonet, Dean of CETYS Tijuana, Architect Héctor López, representing CALLI Despacho Proyectista; Engineer Rolando Rodarte, from the construction company Metalco; Engineer Leonel Vizcarra, from URIN Asesores; Engineer Jorge García-Ruíz, CETYS Technical Advisor; a member of the board, Isauro Barrutia from Elevadores Internacionales, as well as partner companies and other CETYS “Forjadores”, representatives of students and the academic body.

After the inauguration, they were able to take a tour where pictures of the next infrastructure projects for the CETYS Tijuana campus were displayed.

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