University curricula should include a post-pandemic international vision: Carl Jubran

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“University curricula will propel internationalization for Higher Education institutions through the new normality” This was the premise proposed by Dr. Carl Jubran, President of The American College of the Mediterranean (France), in his lecture during the celebrations of the 60th-Anniversary of CETYS University.

During his conference “Internationalizing the college curriculum: The global campus at home”, Dr. Carl Jubran highlighted the importance of creating internationalization opportunities within universities, as the skills and tools obtained from them will make better students, capable to overcome and change the post-pandemic world.

“If we don’t create those opportunities, everything will stay the same. An international experience changes the perspective of the students who in the future will play a very important role in society. It would be better for them to develop an open mind at the international level and to see the world in terms of solidarity, not competition”, he emphasized.

The international speaker also highlighted the efforts made by CETYS to promote the internationalization of its students. “I believe that CETYS is doing a very good job and that it has a lot of potentials. They have the support of the board of trustees, their president, and professors. In a short time, CETYS will be a leader at the international level”.

In this regard, Dr. Fernando León-García, President of CETYS University, shared that, even though internationalization at CETYS began years ago, merely as student mobility, it’s currently achieved through a more general, comprehensive, and exhaustive framework that the institution will continue to promote.

“We remain steadfast in our commitment. Despite the pandemic, we ensured continuity to the internationalization programs through technology in a hybrid and online modality. Certainly, we will continue to innovate so that progress continues, particularly at the Ensenada Campus, which is the emblem of CETYS’ internationalization, but certainly throughout CETYS.”

In addition to internationalization, Dr. Fernando León-García shared that the academic program held within the framework of CETYS 60th Anniversary aims to provide a broad view of why the institution was founded, how its development has unfolded throughout the years, and what is expected to come in the future, as well as to share with the people what is happening in higher education and how this can be an invaluable tool, not only for the students’ education but also for the development of the community.

“The institution has managed to advance its mission, its unwavering commitment to quality, and its contribution to the region, in addition to achieving a global reach. This allows us to evaluate how things stand in terms of development. The presence of experts, partners, and visitors allow enrichment by learning how multiple publics see higher education and assess the challenges, opportunities, and innovations”.

Finally, Gustavo Vildósola-Ramos, Chair of the Instituto Educativo del Noroeste A.C. (IENAC), highlighted the enthusiasm and satisfaction for the 60 years of CETYS University and for what the future holds for this institution for the benefit of the students and the community.

“We have faced adversity, survived earthquakes, and tackled pandemics. We have faced off numerous challenges only to come out stronger and bolder. And here we are, standing proud, full of energy, desire, and commitment, revitalized and ready to take on the challenges of the future to honor the roots of our past”, concluded.

Relive the events that took place in the three Campuses in the framework of the 60th Anniversary of CETYS University on the website:

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