The three imperatives for education to be inclusive: Dr. Allan Goodman

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“To be able to talk about an education with a global perspective, it is necessary that among cultures we connect and include as many points of view as possible, thus enriching the teaching process worldwide”, explained Dr. Allan Goodman, at the beginning of CETYS University’s Global Impact Series.

Allan Goodman

Dr. Goodman explained that from his perspective there are three imperatives of global education:

1. Learn Spanish.

This focuses on how important it is to master at least two languages, whether it is Spanish, French or any other. This, according to Goodman, opens up student’s worldview and increases competitiveness, and should be including in the curriculum as a requirement.


“You cannot understand the world if you only speak one language and only live from one culture’s perspective, education should be global,” said Dr. Goodman.

2. Prevent a lost generation.

Identifying it as a new challenge for higher education, Goodman cited the close to 65 million refugees and displaced people in the world today who have been cut off from education. He stated that it is important for institutions to not forget them, and find ways to reach those who are currently in an educational standby or limbo.


“It is important that we ensure that the following generations connect with each other, we are not isolated cultures, education at this time needs students to join different forms of teaching,” said the President of the IIE.

3. Take a look at what we are reading.

With all the information that we can find on the Internet and other spaces, to know to distinguish the veracity of the content is essential.  Furthermore, he expressed the need to read works by authors from different nationalities, in order to understand different cultures from the eyes of those who have lived through other realities different from our own.


“Access to information has to be inclusive and enriched, it is important that bibliographic resources are exploited, studied from other perspectives… read other ideas to expand knowledge from different cultures”, said Goodman.


Challenges for those who educate

According to Goodman,as the world advances and the technology along with it, the generation of knowledge and the dissemination of it must go hand in hand with the globalized culture, it is necessary that all progress be thought of from an inclusive perspective.

Above all, universities play a key role in motivating their students to travel and know beyond what they see in the classroom. “From my logic CETYS is an example of this, it is an institution of higher education on the border with the United States that has a global perspective”, said Goodman.

About Dr. Goodman:

Dr. Allan Goodman is president of the IIE: Institute of International Education, author of books on international affairs published by Harvard, Princeton and Yale University; helped create the first US academic exchange program with the Diplomatic Academy of Moscow; He has served as a consultant for the Ford Foundation, the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, the United States Information Agency, and IBM; He is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations and of the International Institute of Strategic Studies and was awarded the inaugural Gilbert Medal for the internationalization of Universitas 21.


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