Driving Local Innovation through International University Partnerships

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CETYS University is garnering its industry and academic partnerships around the world, working through a quadruple helix model, to boost the unique innovation ecosystem of the Cali-Baja region by training a new generation of highly specialized Mexican engineers, who are at the forefront of an increasingly knowledge-based economy.

CETYS University’s College of Engineering, through its Graduate Studies Coordination and Center for Innovation and Design, has partnered with St. Cloud State University (SCSU), Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU), and University of California, San Diego (UCSD), to develop high quality, tailor-made Graduate Programs for industry partners with specific needs.

As a result of close collaboration via international ties and a fast-track strategy by CETYS, these programs have become an efficient solution to current and upcoming industry challenges relating to specialization in particular areas, mainly in the medical, aerospace and semiconductor industries.

Medtronics, SCSU and CETYS worked together to develop a program focused on medical product manufacturing technology that is currently being offered in the Cali-Baja region; together with UCSD and Skyworks Solutions, a Master’s program in Engineering and Applied Sciences with Focus on Radiofrequency (RF) was developed; and a series of courses within CETYS’ Master in Engineering and Innovation were designed for aerospace multinational companies, such as Gulfstream Aerospace, Honeywell and UTC Aerospace Systems, to be taught together with ERAU faculty.

This approach can revolutionize the Mexican workforce while creating win-win situations for both professionals and companies by creating a highly qualified workforce, focusing on innovation and with an international approach. These engineers apply and generate knowledge, incorporate scientific and technological advances in the productive sector, and promote innovation within the industry.

CETYS University is committed to collaboration with both public and private institutions, providing its students with quality education and driving development.

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