Spreading the Mexican culture in China

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For professionals, new challenges such as leaving the comfort zone and going beyond in their areas of expertise, are part of this new era of globalization. Also, knowing about new technologies and cultural exchange is a good way to deal with these changes, strengthening their knowledge through international experiences.

Such is the case of Armando Esponda-Guerrero, a professor at CETYS University High School. He traveled to China as part of a collaboration that CETYS University maintains with the Northwestern Polytechnical University, to promote the relationship between both universities and nations. There, Esponda-Guerrero began teaching Spanish and Mexican culture since June of 2019.

“For me, this opportunity represents a way to grow professionally, but also, to be able to help students around the world to learn new languages ​​and ways of communication” Esponda-Guerrero said.


In addition, Esponda-Guerrero explained that staying in China represents a challenge that goes beyond his profession. It is also an opportunity to share what Mexico means to him, as well as share his experiences about living in the border with the United States, “my goal is to open minds and unite countries” concluded.

To learn more:

  • The Northwestern Polytechnical University is located in Xi’an, Capital of Shaanxi Province, in central China.
  • The purpose of this program is teaching Spanish to Chinese speakers.
  • Meanwhile in CETYS University, professor Li Dan from China, teaches a course of Chinese language and culture of this country to undergraduate students.
  • To learn more about this program click here.
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