CETYS University Professor to lead a United Nations Global Compact initiative in Latin American and the Caribbean

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Dr. Victoria González Gutiérrez was elected as Chair of the Latin American and Caribbean Chapter of PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) and to the position of Focal Point, México.

In recognition of her competence, professionalism, and commitment, Dr. Victoria González Gutiérrez, Professor of the College of Administration and Business of CETYS University, was elected as Chair of the Latin America and Caribbean Chapter of PRME.

She was also chosen by the advisory committee to the position of Focal Point Mexico of this prestigious international organization. This happened during the 8th Meeting of the Latin America and Caribbean chapter of PRME, held at the Mexicali Campus of the CETYS University System from October 9th to 11th, 2019.

Dr. Victoria González Gutiérrez assumed the responsibility of coordinating actions to be undertaken by researchers, academics, and Latin American and Caribbean students adhered to PRME. This body is an initiative of the United Nations Global Compact and serves as the first official link between the UN and Higher Education Institutions. PRME is based in New York, United States.

For four years, Dr. González has served as a liaison between CETYS University, through the College of Administration and Business, and PRME, taking the steps that resulted in CETYS being the anchor in LAC for the implementation of the agreements and guidelines of this International organization.

Her new task is to encourage the involvement of all parties, through a variety of formats and projects that allow them to expand the commitment of the global goals within the United Nations Global Compact, as well as to promote knowledge and implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals through educational programs.

Dr. González received the appointments of Chair of the Latin America and Caribbean Chapter, and Focal Point Mexico at the hands of Dr. Norman de Paula Arruda Filho, Rector of the University of Brazil and Co-Chair of the Latin America and Caribbean Chapter of PRME, and Dr. Patricia Stuart, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lima, Peru, who until October 2019 held the position of Chair.

This is the first time that CETYS University becomes a member of the Steering Committee of the Latin American and Caribbean Chapter PRME, with the leadership of Dr. González Gutiérrez, who has the support of CETYS’ College of Administration and Business.


“These appointments come at the same time as my 30 years as a professor at CETYS. To assume this responsibility is a challenge and a great honor. We remain firm in our commitment and passion supporting the internationalization efforts of the College of Administration and Business of CETYS University”, the academic shared.


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PRME currently has 785 signatory schools in 90 countries. It is a collaborative and collegiate learning community, whose main purpose is to share best practices in education, research, and highly responsible leadership processes, with worldwide observance.


PRME signatories have the responsibility of implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within their educational processes. At CETYS, this commitment is fulfilled by including in its educational programs, and in its research and linkage activities, issues of social responsibility and universal values, as part of its quest to generate a more prosperous and fair society.

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