Meet Rodolfo Macías, the 19-year-old Tijuana native who will participate in a NASA scholarship program

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By demonstrating his outstanding skills while studying Mechatronics Engineering at CETYS University, Luis Rodolfo Macias, managed to qualify for the scholarship program “United Space School” to be held at the NASA facilities in Houston, Texas, from July 21 to August 5 later this year.

Luis remembers deciding to become an engineer because he wanted to learn how electricity works and how to control different systems while preparing for emerging technologies that might come in the near future. Now he knows that with the tools, guidance and comprehensive preparation offered by the School of Engineering at CETYS, he has even more professional opportunities to discover.

“What I like the most are the tools provided by the University and the support of faculty, both in and out of the classroom. I really didn’t have a broad perspective on the vast amount of possibilities, but since I’ve been here I can see that there are more opportunities to go further in aerospace” he said.

During his stay at NASA, he will be part of one of the teams that collaborates to do a manned mission. At the moment, he is finding the activities on the program that are appropriate for his profile. These activities go hand in hand with the pillars of CETYS regarding High Quality Education, Global Competitiveness, Learning Communities and  Sustainability.

“Something that interested me a lot was artificial intelligence, how to simulate a human brain within an electronic and mechanical environment. It can also be useful for an exploration vehicle such as a “Rover”, either to circulate in space, in the air or also terrestrial” said Luis.

estudiante reconocimiento

Rodolfo is the youngest of two children, and today a great pride for his whole family. At CETYS, he earned a 70% scholarship that gives him the possibility of better opportunities.

“Learn more about the engineering fields, be it mechatronics or other areas that you like and see if that goes along with your skills and the profile you are aiming for,” were some of the recommendations that Rodolfo gave to those students who, like him, can amplify their dreams in artificial intelligence or another field.

On that note, Dr. Fernando León García, President of CETYS University signed a collaboration agreement with Mexican astronaut José Hernández last week, with the aim of promoting regional development in strategic issues such as aerospace, through training of professionals and effective industry linkage and collaboration.

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