Astronaut Jose Hernandez and CETYS, to improve aerospace engineering in the region

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  • Academics and students of the institution will work with the American astronaut of Mexican origin in technological projects of the industry, conferences, grants for stays in research centers and rocket launches.


With the objective of promoting regional development in strategic issues such as aerospace, through the integral training of professionals and the effective linkage with the industry, as one of the pillars of its educational model, Dr. Fernando León, President of CETYS University and mexican-american Astronaut, Dr. José Hernández, met at the Ensenada International Campus to sign an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Derived from this agreement, academics and students of the three CETYS University Campus will participate with the astronaut in projects in support of the aerospace industry of the region; They will work on launching a rocket in collaboration with other international organizations in an inter-institutional manner, among others, as was announced by Dr. Fernando León García.

“We are taking the link we established with José Hernández to a next level, precisely because one of the pillars of our educational model is the linkage with the industry, which impacts positively on students, as well as incorporates the work of the academy and the government together, in order to promote regional development on strategic issues”.

It is with activities such as these that CETYS fosters global competitiveness in its students and also reinforces the involvement and participation of international experts, providing knowledge as part of their comprehensive education.

Mexican-American Astronaut, Dr. José Hernández stressed that he will work with the institution, developing propulsion systems to support the aerospace industry, which will make CETYS University one of the few universities that will train experts in this field in Mexico.


Scholarships for engineering students

In addition to the joint projects derived from this signing agreement, it also seeks to impact the students of the institution directly, through the delivery of two scholarships.

Jaime Caleb Virrey Valdez, who studies Mechatronic Engineering at the Ensenada International Campus, was chosen by Dr. Hernández for a two-week internship in the main offices of Tierra Luna Engineering LCC, in California, during the internship along with Dr. José Hernández and his team of engineers, he will participate in various projects such as development of an autonomous car and development of minisatellites, among others.

Luis Rodolfo Macías Jiménez, who studies Mechatronic Engineering at the Tijuana Campus, will participate in the scholarship program “United Space School” to be held at the NASA facilities in Houston, Texas, from July 21st to August 5th of this year.

Last August, Dr. Hernández visited the Tijuana and Mexicali campuses to share his success story with members of the student and academic community, where he highlighted his effort, perseverance and commitment through “The Star Harvester”, thanks to the collaboration between CETYS and PIMSA.


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