Anuna De Wever, international activist, opened REDES International Conversatory of Student Leadership

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The REDES Conversatory discussion tables kicked off as part of the celebrations for the 60th Anniversary of CETYS University. Anuna De Wever, an international environmental activist, opened up the series of discussion tables, sharing her experiences with the community, both as an activist and in her role as a young student leader in her native Belgium.

The REDES Conversatory Panels aim to analyze and reflect on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, established in its 2030 Agenda, by holding round tables with national and international guests within the field of student leadership. These activities will take place via virtual modality from September to November 2021 and are organized by student leaders from CETYS.

During the first panel session, Dr. Fernando León-García, President of CETYS University, thanked Anuna De Wever for her attendance and participation, as well as for her call to action for the benefit of the environment and inclusion.

“As in this conversation that begins today, focused on and towards students, Higher Education Institutions must get involved and at the same time provide spaces for students to raise their voice. We hope that this will increase awareness and lead us in a call to action on issues such as climate change, inclusion, and building a better world. We thank Anuna De Wever and our students for organizing this forum” commented Dr. León-García.

In a Q&A segment moderated by Sofía Martínez, President of REDES, Anuna highlighted her beginnings in activism and how to see other people’s life experiences, as well as to reflect on her advantages and privileges in society, have motivated her to give her voice and time, and fight for human rights through environmental activism, as well as for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


“For young people to want to participate in activism, we need to have better communication. I know that many young people have not had the opportunity to inform themselves about what is happening in the world, and I know that when people become more informed, they will act. During the pandemic, we organized a series of webinars where we talked with experts and politicians about what is happening with climate change and what we could do. We also unveiled several concrete actions that people can join. Many people want to act, but they must have the opportunity.”

She also commented that her motivation to be an activist is that there is no other alternative to ensure the continuity of the environment. She also said that we must be aware of the political decisions that are made globally and that affect all nations.

Finally, she invited young people to join activism movements and start their groups in pursuit of local struggles, remain aware, and communicate with other groups around the world, through digital platforms, to share information and have or provide support.

Anuna De Wever is the leader of Belgium’s student movement for climate, with accolades such as the Ark Prize of the Free Word and the Amnesty International Belgium’s Ambassador of Conscience Award on behalf of Youth for Climate. She contributed to a climate action plan for Belgium, led by Jean-Pascale Van Ypersele and Leo Van Broeck, campaigned on the CAP, the Mercosur trade agreement, the climate law, and many other European laws.

She also co-authored the book The Climate is Us, participated in Sail to the COP, sailing to Latin America with 35 other environmental activists, and visited the Amazon rainforest to work with indigenous peoples to find solutions to the destruction of the said rainforest.

Follow the celebrations of the 60th Anniversary of CETYS through institutional social networks, as well as the website: Learn more about the tables of the REDES Conversatory at:


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