Congratulations CETYS Family for your years of service!

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The CETYS Family employees who have completed 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and up to 35 years of uninterrupted service were recognized for their vocation and commitment offered to the academic community in their years of service. This took place in an award ceremony that was part of the institution’s 60th-anniversary celebrations, held in a hybrid modality on the three campuses.

Presiding over the event were Dr. Fernando León-García, President of CETYS University , Gustavo Vildósola-Ramos, Board Chair of Instituto Educativo del Noroeste, A.C (IENAC), Jessica Ibarra-Ramonet, Dean of Tijuana and Ensenada Campuses, and Dr. Mario Dipp-Núñez, Dean of Campus Mexicali. Administrative and academic deans of the three campuses were also in attendance.

As part of his message to those awarded, Gustavo Vildósola-Ramos commented: “Unity and resilience managed to reduce uncertainty in the face of the pandemic. Each one of you contributed time, effort, and commitment to move forward together, and this continues. We are proud to say that unlike what happened in so many other organizations, at CETYS, we managed to keep all of our staff employed, a sign of the commitment that IENAC and CETYS have to you.”

In turn, Dr. Fernando León-García shared in his message with the audience: “All this effort falls on your shoulders. We can see the importance that each one of you represents, and regardless of the campus to which you belong, you have helped CETYS advance to where it is today. CETYS owes you a sincere debt of gratitude for continuing this titanic effort and unwavering commitment of offering quality education for the benefit of society.”

Watch some of the testimonies of our team-members:


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