The other war, communication on social media

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AI algorithms have penalized and even delete accounts. This is because of many posts with messages of support for both Russians and Ukrainians, including false and out-of-context content that seeks to communicate what they consider is the truth, explains an expert from CETYS University.

 In the last few weeks, the world has experienced a situation that had not arisen since the Second World War, at least not in the dimensions and with the characteristics of today.

Although in many parts of the planet there are usually armed or warlike conflicts, some for internal reasons and others where the threat from neighboring countries or adjoining regions had been present, the dimension around the Russia-Ukraine confrontation is different and the role of the society too, said Dr. Armando Reyna-Ballesteros, professor at the School of Business Administration at CETYS University, Mexicali Campus.

“In social media, we can see writings that describe conspiracy theories, positions, and speeches that hint at strategies that try to justify actions. On the other hand, we can also see signs of repudiation, protests, and demonstrations, where causes that allude to the mineral wealth of that region, strategic borders, as well as the imminent threat to world peace comparable to World War II, are discussed.”

What is really happening on social media? The leading platforms have been used as means to pour and observe millions of publications with messages of support for both sides, thus having to activate moderation protocols when identifying offensive content, propaganda, hateful messages, inappropriate or hostile notes, among other content.

“It shouldn’t be surprising that even governments or its sympathizers proliferate false and out-of-context, content intending to express what they consider being the truth,” said Dr. Reyna Ballesteros. The world is expectant, and in this transit of digital information, it can also produce intentionally disinformation or not, because of the speed and instantaneity of communications.

In response, AI algorithms are trying their best to perform their role. Penalizations and/or suspensions, and even account deletions, have already started.

One of the identified concerns has been the publication of real and explicit content shared to spread fear. The experts’ recommendations suggest verifying the information sources, not sharing or disseminating information without first being sure that it is authentic, and above all, asking yourself, why do I want to share it? The specialist concluded by stating, “It would be worthwhile to analyze if what is published will produce any consequence.”

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