CETYS Univeristy CETVIT continues to strengthen links with leading actors in the wine sector

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The Director of CETYS University Center for Viticultural Studies (CEVIT), Dr. Diana Celaya, and Prof. Armando Orozco, head of the Laboratory and Experimental Plant, traveled to the Napa Valley in California with the goal of strengthening ties with leading players in the sector.

The agenda included a visit to ETS Laboratories, a leading company in the analysis of grapes, must, and wine in the United States. Its founder and CEO, Gordon Burns, provided a tour of the facilities showing the equipment, systems, and methodologies used for the different analyzes they perform. In the said meeting, they discussed linkage issues to collaborate in the development of more complete and specialized services for the wine sector of Baja California and the rest of the country.

There is a deep interest in ETS to help generate broader and deeper lines of research at CEVIT, as well as to support the development of adequate study programs for the correct training and modernization of the Mexican wine sector.

“This linkage is of particular interest because of ETS’s extensive experience as one of the most innovative laboratories in the US, which is involved in consulting activities for universities and research centers focused on viticulture. The topics that stood out during our visit in which we found opportunities for collaboration are the development of advanced laboratory analysis, such as massive DNA analysis to recognize microbiological contaminants in wineries, identification of heavy metals in must and wine, among others. That will allow us to expand the service offered by the CEVIT laboratory,” mentioned Prof. Armando Orozco.

The agenda also included a visit to Vinícola Mi Sueño, where its enologist and founding partner, Mr. Rolando Herrera, offered a tour of the winery showing its processes and giving a taste of the “broths” that were in production. Mr. Herrera was enthusiastic about the possibility of hosting internships and exchanges for students from CETYS University.

Another important result of the visit was the rapprochement with Napa Valley College, with whom a future meeting was scheduled to address collaboration issues in the delivery of courses and workshops that are part of CEVIT’s Continuing Education program.

“This approach represents a great opportunity to strengthen our academic proposals and laboratory services, involving renowned actors from the Napa Valley, one of the most important and fruitful wine-producing areas worldwide, both for the quality of its oenological products and for the generation of technical knowledge for the industry. The response moves us got, and the interest shown in the Center for Viticultural Studies. We see in the proximity between our regions an excellent convenience for the development of projects and collaborations,” concluded Dr. Diana Celaya.

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