Students of CETYS at international top of programming

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The FoxCoding team, a division of the representative FoxRobotics of the School of Engineering of CETYS University, placed themselves among the Top Ten of the programming competition of the International Hackathon “Disrupt SF2019” organized by TechCrunch, held in San Francisco, CA.

The Disrupt SF2019 competition consisted in a challenge in which the students had a period of 48 hours to develop a prototype of a product, prior investigation and justification of it, as well as present it to the judges, CEOs of companies and potential investors.

During the competition, FoxCoding worked hand in hand with companies in the fields of: Pets, home room security and databases; with the goal of creating a location system for pets and valuable information for the pet owner.


A hard working Team

In preparation for the competition, for months, the team took specialized extracurricular courses, as well as programming workshops in the Node.js system.

“Being part of FoxCoding drives me to learn more about my career, to work as a team and to investigate in depth the programming area. In the future, I see myself as a programmer in the industry,” said Alejandro Ruiz, Coordinator of FoxCoding and student of the first semester of Electronic Cybernetics Engineering at CETYS University Mexicali Campus.

The team also participated in other Hackathons in Baja California where they obtained the 1st and 2nd place, and Guadalajara, Mexico, where they took 2nd place.

Behind the FoxCoding team, there is the support and mentoring of the academic faculty of the School of Engineering, and the Center for Innovation and Design CEID at the Mexicali Campus of CETYS University, including Dr. Luis Carlos Básaca, Dr Juan Terrazas, and Álvaro Moreno.

“These skills enrich the professional training of students, as they solve real problems and become creative in a highly competitive international field, and thus go beyond what they learn in the classroom. In addition, it gives them the opportunity to measure themselves before engineers and professionals from all over the world, which in turn allows them to realize the high competitive level they possess”, said Dr. Básaca, mentor of FoxCoding and Research Professor of the College of Engineering of the CETYS University System.


FoxCoding’s next steps

After concluding their participation in San Francisco, the team will continue to prepare for future competitions that test their skills and knowledge in their field of study, such as the NASA Space Apps Challenge Mexicali 2019.


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