Student leaders from CETYS Ensenada participating in the UN social equality project

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The Fortes leadership group from CETYS University Campus International Ensenada, along with 68 campuses around the world were selected to support and contribute toward the United Nations (UN) goals and mandates through the Millennium Fellowship program, in collaboration with the United Nations Academic Impact initiative (UNAI).

Millennium Fellowship is a program that UNAI and the Millennium Campus Network (MCN) offer to universities around the world to strengthen student leadership that results in a student-generated social impact, including advancement and protection of human rights, access to education, sustainability, and conflict resolution.

In 2019, around 7,000 young people from around the world representing 1,200 campuses from 135 countries, applied to the program. From those applications, less than 6% (69 campuses) were chosen. Fortes Ensenada is one of them.

fortes ensenada

The Fortes Ensenada group is comprised of 12 students from different business and engineering undergraduate programs offered by the Campus. After being selected to partake in the Millennium Fellowship, they participated during a semester in activities that gave them the tools to develop their project. Having done so, they will be able to promote social equality at a statewide level and support the fulfillment of the UN Sustainable Development Goal #10, which is Reduce inequality.

For Fernanda Chan, a junior student of International Business and president of Fortes Ensenada, being one of the chosen groups is a privilege and cause for happiness for the whole team, but also a major sense of commitment given what this means for the entire world: To achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

“We are very thankful for this great opportunity to work with the support of the UNAI and MCN and put the name of CETYS University and Mexico at the pinnacle internationally. To have been selected among so many people and universities is a major motivator”, she said.

She also pointed out that at present, social inclusion is a very important issue, and there is a lot of work to be done. “Now that we have finished the training program, we will work with great enthusiasm. At CETYS and FORTES Leadership, we have learned that we can accomplish everything we set our minds to. We learned to work with discipline and develop the leadership of each member of the team to create benefits for others. In this case, for the benefit of the community and the world.

Finally, Fernanda emphasized that the team will work with the FORTES groups of the Tijuana and Mexicali Campus to design the way they will deploy the project at the System (state-wide) level. “Together we will seek to positively impact our society, supporting the people who have a disability, making Baja California more accessible to everyone”.

To find more about FORTES, you can visit their Facebook page Fortes Ensenada.

More about the FORTES Group

FORTES is a program comprised of high-performance students, noted for their creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and a high level of leadership, from within the three Campus of the CETYS University System, which aims to strengthen those skills, so that they have a positive impact on society.

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