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This summer, after two weeks,  235 students and 11 faculty members from 16 countries, culminated the academic, cultural and social activities of the International Summer Program (ISP) 2019, carried out in CETYS University’s International Campus Ensenada.

In a special ceremony, students and academics received a certificate attesting the participation and the ending of the program at CETYS, the event was led by Dr. Scott Venezia Corral, Dean for International Affairs  of the CETYS University System; along with Dr. Diana Woolfolk, Associate Dean for International Affairs and Professor Lucía Beltrán, Academic Dean, both of the Ensenada Campus; as well as Dr. Francisco Velez, Dean of the College of Business and Administration.

John Soria of Commerce, USA California, noted that participating in this International Summer Program for the second time was very rewarding, “it has been very spectacular to live it again, it has become beneficial to live this experience with fellow students from many other countries and with professors with philosophies very different from mine, so much so that he would participate again, ” he said.

On the other hand, Nefeli Floridou, aBusiness Administration student from Greece, affirms that the International Summer Program experience has a lot of benefits on the academic side.“The professor who taught the class I took had a lot of experience. I learned a lot in these two weeks and everything was very interesting, I felt that I was in a normal class and working with my colleagues was very good too”.

Nathalia Castro Bautista, International Business student at CETYS Tijuana, in addition to the academic part, she emphasized that this experience has made her grow as a  person because she felt very good getting out of her comfort zone, Nathalia says that even though Tijuana is very close, the whole experience was very satisfying because she was able to live with people that had similar interests, with whom she could strengthen ties of friendship that she is sure will endure.

“I decided to participate in the ISP because my colleagues at Campus Mexicali had recommended it to me a lot; It is an intensive program that allows you to take classes with professors from other countries and listen to different opinions that benefit our vision. In addition, we make friends and build relationships that bring us a lot for the rest of our lives, ”said Alfredo Márquez Quintero, Law student at CETYS Mexicali.

Lizeth Sánchez from International Business at the Ensenada Campus, shared that having received students from different countries is a sign of the confidence that they are giving not only to CETYS, but to Mexico: “I really liked the coexistence that was achieved, but above all knowing that they left Ensenada happy because of what they knew about our city, our country and our institution, this shows that we are doing things well” she said.

Finally, Dr. Scott Venezia Corral pointed out that it is extremely satisfactory to receive students and professors in this program. The CETYS International Summer Program has been growing exponentially over seven editions, this time it’s special because international funds were obtained to support the ISP, such as the one from 100,000 Strong in the Americas, Coca Cola Foundation in the United States and Erasmus + in Europe.

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