Moving Forward Together: CETYS Annual Report 2020

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Following up on the achievements of CETYS University, Dr Fernando León García, President of the Institution, presented the 2020 Annual Report to the community, highlighting the work carried out in the areas of High Quality, Global Competitiveness, Learning Communities, and Sustainability. Also, actions towards virtual learning, the Flex 360° Academic Model, research, internationalization and E-Mobility, inter-institutional collaboration, community service, scholarships, and investment in infrastructure were emphasized. 

Dr Fernando León García spoke about the development of the CETYS Flex 360° Academic Model, which allowed the continuity of the school term in 2020, by implementing the remote use of laboratories, equipping classrooms with technology for hybrid classes, training more than 950 faculty members in comprehensive education, giving more than 1000 online academic consultancies through the Development Centers, as well as continuity in comprehensive education through culture and sports.

The faculty’s efforts were recognized as they continued research activities. In 2020, 25 professors were part of the National System of Researchers of Mexico, and 40% of the full-time faculty developed research. Also, the participation of students in internships and international projects in companies such as Apple, Audi, and Tesla was recognized.

Dr León emphasized the work carried out in internationalization and its continuity through the E-Mobility strategy, bringing international experiences to home, allowing projects such as the International Summer Program to go ahead, counting with the participation of 18 countries, as well as ensuring that 65% of the undergraduate students had an international experience.

In 2020, collaboration with international experts continued through the PIMSA-CETYS Distinguished Chairs, where 34 professors from 12 countries supported students in strategic topics in the fields of Administration and Business, Engineering, and Social Sciences.

“Sustainability is a primary issue at CETYS, that’s why the community was supported through the increase in scholarships, investing more than 420 million pesos in 2020. This allowed that 8 out of each 10 students had some type of scholarship or financial aid. In addition, the CETYS Solidario fund was created, which raised more than 1.6 million pesos in support of 122 families that were affected by the economic consequences of COVD-19” said León García.

In the matters of investment in infrastructure, Dr León García pointed out the second stage of the CETYS Solar Power project in the Mexicali Campus, the Centro de Estudios Vitivinícolas de Baja California (CEVIT, for its acronym in Spanish) at Campus Ensenada, and the Multilevel Parking Building with capacity for 700 cars at Campus Tijuana.

“The pandemic has taught us that these are times of solidarity, empathy, resilience, and opportunity. Universities must keep their mission in mind. CETYS is an institution that educates from a comprehensive perspective, with high quality, even in virtual learning, with a vision that takes into account all the infrastructure and strategic development. It is also important to take care of health, both emotional and physical. We will continue to invest in technology and student success”, he concluded.

Once again, CETYS University presented its advance in high-quality education, global competitiveness, internationalization, and sustainability, preparing individuals with the intellectual and moral capacity to become agents of change, positively impacting our world’s economic, social and cultural development.

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