CETYS University experiences internationalization from home through E-Mobility

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Faced with the challenges that internationalization represents in light of the current health crisis, CETYS University brings the international experience to the students’ homes through technology and the extensive links with Higher Education Institutions around the world. In this manner, CETYS continues to prepare students from a global perspective through E-Mobility.

Thus, CETYS has deployed an internationalization strategy that includes distance interaction in emblematic activities, such as the International Summer Program, Winter School, and key Seminars on strategic topics. These technology-mediated activities allow students from all CETYS campuses to attend, engaging with foreign professors and international students.

According to Dr. Diana Woolfolk-Ruiz, Deputy Director of International Relations at CETYS University, the Institution has sought to adapt to the New Normal and continue to meet its internationalization objectives based on E-Mobility strategies. Currently, 65% of CETYS undergraduate alumni have had one or more internationalization experiences throughout their professional training.

“It is critical to provide our students with international experiences through distance learning options. The pandemic led us to establish an offering of virtual seminars and courses, as well as introducing new options to partake in an international experience. Another challenge is to offer an academic program that is appealing to both national and foreign students, we have achieved that goal with the support of our international partners and our staff, who have allowed us to offer these programs building upon our alliances, but, above all, promoting and fostering collaborative work”, she said.

Currently, through various subjects, courses, and virtual seminars, students from CETYS and partner institutions worldwide learn from experienced professors from countries such as the United States, India, the Netherlands, Spain, and Greece, reflecting on topics such as: Sustainability, Internet of Things, Creative Advertising, Social Entrepreneurship, to name a few. The virtual seminars will continue, as part of the E-Mobility strategy and the necessary adjustments to the New Normal.

Likewise, projects such as the International Summer Program 2020, which in its eighth edition migrated to virtual mode, allowed 162 students from 17 countries to take classes with international professors, with activities that contributed to the students’ professional training enrichment.

Similarly, the sixth edition of CETYS Winter School was held on January and February 2021 via virtual mode with students from countries such as the United Kingdom, India, Colombia, the Czech Republic, and the United States, who attended the international courses offered to enhance their academic experience.

Even with the challenges faced in the New Normal, CETYS University continues to foster one of the distinctive elements of its educational vision, providing future professionals with an international perspective and global vision to confront the challenges of tomorrow.

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