More than a hundred students concluded CETYS’ International Summer Program

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A total of 8 teachers and more than 100 students, of which 30 are foreigners, culminated the International Summer Program, which took place at CETYS University International Campus Ensenada, where students spent 10 days taking classes such as: Strategic Administration, Typographic Design, Public Relations, Transcultural Behavior, International Law, International Marketing, Ethics and Innovation and Development. They also visited companies, industries and wineries as part of the program so that they learn more about the culture of the region, gastronomy, the industrial aspect and tourism of Baja California.

CETYS’ Vice-President, Dr. Alberto Garate Rivera, closed the summer program, thanking the students for their stay at CETYS and told them about the importance of an international experience like this one.

“This international summer program is a reflection and represents one of our most symbolic tasks that is university student mobility, what we do is bring high-level professors from abroad, to work with us for 2 weeks in intensive courses”, said Dr. Garate.

Lisa Wieser, a student from Austria, shared her experience during the International Summer Program and invited other young people to join this summer program for the following year.

“The program is about meeting new friends, and doing various activities such as visiting vineyards, learning about the culture of Mexico, visiting industries. Students should come next year to do different things and get to know friendships with different cultures” she said.

The importance of internationalization in CETYS is something that involves students as foreigners and locals because it creates a bigger panorama for the students, sharing experiences, study techniques, cultural exchange and also creating alliances.

Since the beginning of the program, more than 200 students, together with teachers, have lived an international experience at CETYS’ International Campus Ensenada, where they have exchanged ideas, academic experiences and the cultures of different countries such as: India, China, Austria, Germany, USA, Brazil, Spain, Czech Republic, and Mexico.

CETYS University System cordially invites international students from around the world to its 2018 CETYS International Summer Program, which will be held on July 16-27 at the International Campus in Ensenada.

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