Data analysis experts, a company’s competitive advantage

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“Nowadays, experts in Data Analysis are crucial assets. They encompass the future for a companies’ competitive advantage. Data has become one of the most valuable commodities. Key information is waiting to be uncovered and be transformed into new high-tech products and services, create consumer insight, and generate high profits.”

This was announced by Professor Jaime Edwards, Coordinator of the Business Intelligence and Innovation Program at CETYS University, International Campus in Ensenada. He also points out that the Data Analysis Market in Mexico is the second-largest in Latin America, only after Brazil, according to Frost & Sullivan, an international consulting and research company.

“Data Analysis has grown slowly in Mexico. However, since 2014, there has been a significant interest in software programming and engineering companies for the development of specialized systems in Data Analysis. Micro, small, and medium-sized companies have just begun to generate new business units and innovate through data,” he said.

The relevance of Data Analysis

As companies, regardless of size, build or acquire computer systems to process their daily operations such as sales, inventory control, accounting, merchandise and customer catalogs, collection, etc., they generate vast amounts of data. This data is turned into relevant reports, which provide key information used by management to make simple and everyday decisions.

“What Business Intelligence proposes is that data has to be examined from another perspective, has to be reanalyzed, crossed, and compared with internal and external data, to detect strategic trade or business opportunities. That is why Data Analysis and the Data Analysis experts are so important and valuable,” says Professor Edwards.

So, the Data Analysis Process is useful for identifying and obtaining new information that had not been searched or used before. For Business Intelligence to succeed, it is necessary to analyze large amounts of data obtained and compiled from different software systems to turn into new and valuable information.

Graduating as a data scientist -as these specialists in the analysis and interpretation of data are often called- requires a very specific student profile, since the following skills must be developed: analysis, problem-solving, curiosity, computing, observation, programming, and teamwork. These skills are contained in the Business Intelligence and Innovation academic program taught at CETYS University.

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