CETYS showcases a cross-border educational model to university leaders from the U.S.

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Leaders of higher education institutions in the United States took part in the American Council on Education’s ACE Fellows Program and visited CETYS University International Campus in Ensenada to learn about CETYS’ cross-border education.

Dr. Fernando León-García, President of the CETYS University System, welcomed the group of Higher Education executives, thanking them for their interest in learning more about the Institution. “I hope that what we share with you today allows you to find opportunities for improvement and change that will impact educational quality and benefit your students and society,” said Dr. Fernando León-García.

Describing CETYS’ educational model, Dr. Francisco Vélez-Torres, Dean of the Ensenada International Campus, highlighted that CETYS is the only U.S. accredited institution in the border region. Therefore, students living in the United States cross the border every day to attend the Institution. Likewise, he highlighted the linkage and the work that CETYS executes with the economic clusters of the region.

“CETYS University fosters students to experience internationalization. Our city is well-connected as it is very close to the border. The Institution hosts different activities, such as the International Summer Program (ISP), which every year welcomes dozens of students and professors from all over the world,” assured Dr. Vélez.


Dr. Caroline Kobek-Pezzarossi, from Gallaudet University, was one of the visiting leaders. She highlighted that the visit to CETYS was incredible. In addition, she said that the innovative work that the institution has developed before, during, and after the pandemic is impressive.

“This visit is very important to show our students what the world is like outside the walls of our universities. It is essential to introduce our students to international environments, and these linkages always provide us with many opportunities,” said Caroline Kobek.

Dr. Brian Beitzel, from SUNY Oneonta, said that he had really enjoyed his stay at CETYS and that he was very impressed with the quality of the institution and its leadership, its focus on integration with the community and responding to its needs, so that students are well prepared, and when they graduate, they can face professional challenges.

Dr. Carlos González, Director of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness of the CETYS University System, said that the visit of these leaders to CETYS is part of the activities of the ACE Fellows Program. These activities allow them to learn about and gain different perspectives they can implement in the institutions they lead.

“This is a highly selective program with a very rigorous selection process. It is relevant to highlight that CETYS is positioned as one of the institutions that has nominated the most fellows,” said Dr. Carlos González.

ACE Fellows is the most prestigious and recognized leadership development program in Higher Education. Currently, Dr. Diana Woolfolk-Ruiz, Deputy Director of International Relations of the CETYS University System is taking part in the program, which is aimed at developing leadership skills in academic directors of universities inside and outside the United States that are members of the Council.

For several decades, CETYS has been a member of ACE and has actively taken part in different working groups. President Dr. Fernando León-García, has been a member of various committees, including that of the ACE Fellows, promoting the participation of more Mexican institutions in the program.

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