CETYS and Skyworks work together for the training of global professionals

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Collaboration between companies and universities is key to innovation. Encouraging a relationship that orients the training of students to the challenges and needs of the society in which they live is one of the missions of CETYS University. This is why, for over more than 30 years, it has maintained collaboration ties with Skyworks Solutions.

Recently in a visit to Boston by the Instituto Educativo del Noroeste AC, an association that sponsors CETYS University, and directors of the institution, there was a meeting with the Skyworks corporate, where Laura Gasparini, Vice President of Human Resources of the company, explained that this meeting sought to further strengthen the productive relationship between both organizations and allowed CETYS to present its requirements and future growth opportunities to continue training the human talent that the industry requires for its development both in Baja California and in the rest of the world.

The collaboration that exists between Skyworks and CETYS University is one of the strategic alliances of the institution, which provides unique opportunities for students and industry in the region. It allows the development of innovation projects that increase the productivity of companies as well as the competitiveness of employees.

«During our visit to Skyworks we were able to learn about the general direction Skyworks is going to take, the current and future opportunities for CETYS to continue collaborating to improve the talent of the professionals that the company requires for its development around the world», commented Dr. Fernando León García, President of the CETYS University System.

The collaboration of the company with CETYS University goes from participation in its academic programs to train its staff, to be part of the Graduate program in Industry offered by the institution, as well as the joint work they have done in the Annual State Innovation and Design Competition where students show their skills in Robotics.

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