About Calibaja

A vast region comprised of the most important border cities in Mexico and the United States, which, in a addition to its economic activity-stands out for its labor force, the opportunities in both countries and its world-class university education.


Calibaja it is the hub of cross-border collaboration on the U.S. - Mexico border.

The only limit between the United States and Mexico is physical, today the state of California and Baja California make up an economic region that stands out for its unparalleled growth potential, entrepreneurial outlook and unique cultural characteristics.


Calibaja it is a hotbed of business and engineering talent.

Just over 7.1 million inhabitants, mainly concentrated in the countries of San Diego and Imperial Valley (United States), as well as Tijuana and Mexicali (Mexico), give life of the dynamics of thius cross-border region, where about 3.8 million jobs are created annually.


Calibaja it is a generator of ground-breaking, global partnerships.

Investors from all corners of the world believe in the strengths of this region, having an important impact of the development of the more than 900 companies in manufacturing, tourism, commerce, spurring innovation on both sides of the border.


Calibaja it is a host to an advanced manufacturing center featuring 10 industry clusters.

The aerospace, automotive, medical, electronics, renewable energy and logistics industries have found the Advanced Manufacturing Center to be the best option for sharing best practices.


Calibaja it is our home.

In this region nothing stops, cities reinvent themselves, businesses expand, communities strengthen and link together. Living and studying in the Calibaja region offers you the best of both worlds.

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