CETYS welcomes SDSU in binational meeting of entrepreneurship

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Over the years, the Tijuana – San Diego region has stood out for being a binational metropolitan area, a point where cultural, economic and social matters converge, fundamental exchange for the growth of both countries. However, in recent times, the region has evolved to become a mecca for innovation, technology and social entrepreneurship, a shift that has been largely driven by strong collaboration between two key universities on both sides of the border: CETYS and San Diego State University.

The relationship goes back several decades, but recently the institutions were reconvened in a binational meeting organized by CETYS in Tijuana, where they approached the most emblematic projects of the City’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Federal Station, La Granja, MIND Hub and Bit Center . All, to continue to identify areas of opportunity in which, working together, they can benefit students, entrepreneurs and the general community on both sides of the border.

“This is just the beginning … I want to bring my students. I want them and CETYS students to work together on multicultural projects. That’s what it’s all about today, “said Dr. Alex DeNoble, CETYS Distinguished Chair and Director of the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center at San Diego State University, in a recent report in the San Diego Union Tribune on the Entrepreneurship Tour.

Businesses, ranging from real estate with a focus on social innovation, to incubation centers, have already received several visits from CETYS students through the EmprendeLab program. CETYS plans to work closely with students and companies on financial sustainability projects, technology for smart cities and case studies, among other initiatives.

The entrepreneurs, in some cases graduates of CETYS, also contribute to their Alma Mater by participating as judges in entrepreneurship activities and sharing their experiences with the educational community.

Such is the case of Miguel Marshall, graduated from the Degree in International Public Accountant and General Director of Centro Ventures. For him, the first approach to entrepreneurship occurred during his stay at CETYS. Today, one of its main projects is the Federal Station, a space of mixed uses that houses mostly American citizens in Tijuana, focused on art, design and sustainability.

“CETYS and SDSU recognize the importance of bi-national cooperation, Southern California’s cross-border economic reality and the need for entrepreneurship, so we are looking for organizations that are specifically dedicated to this,” says Dr. Francisco Vélez, Dean of the College of Administration and Business.

“Thus we continue to train professionals with a global mentality, socially aware and committed to the development of a more prosperous community,” he said.

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