Casa Pedro Domecq and CEVIT will work together to strengthen the Mexican wine industry

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Casa Pedro Domecq and the Center for Wine Studies of CETYS University (CEVIT) signed a collaboration agreement to develop joint research projects, exchange data, develop highly specialized human capital, and other ways of collaboration of common interest that will lead to the strengthening of the Mexican wine sector.

The directors of both institutions met at CETYS University International Campus in Ensenada, CEVIT headquarters, to formalize the collaboration ties. In addition to the signing of the agreement, they also toured the CEVIT building.

Representing CETYS´ President, Dr. Carlos H. García, Director of Institutional Relations for the CETYS University System, stated that working with Casa Pedro Domecq, a quintessential iconic wine company is a source of great pride and satisfaction.

“We are enthused by the possibility of working with companies that share our principles, philosophy, and values. It encourages us, excites us, and motivates us because the work that lies ahead will be pertinent and relevant given the quality with which our faculty works and because of our robust collaboration with universities around the world,” highlighted Dr. Carlos H. Garcia.

For the Director-General of Casa Pedro Domecq, Martin Alan Charles-Skelton, it is very important to strengthen ties with a center dedicated to oenological research. “I am happy to celebrate this agreement because having a source of talent that comes from an institution like CETYS is fantastic for Pedro Domecq. Our relationship begins today, and we will work a lot with your professors on wine projects for the benefit of Valle de Guadalupe and the wine sector in Mexico. We want to take part in education through our winemakers around the world because we want to be better professionals, and we are looking for the best practices in all things related to wine”.


Dr. Francisco Vélez-Torres, Director of CETYS University International Campus in Ensenada, highlighted that the signing of the agreement also impacts the student community and those professionals who want to reinforce and strengthen their professional skills for the better development of their activity in our state wine industry. “We are very grateful to Casa Pedro Domecq for the trust placed in the CEVIT of CETYS, and we are in the best of dispositions to start the linkage work immediately.”

Likewise, Alberto Verdeja-Ayala, Technical Manager of Bodega Domecq, emphasized that “this agreement will lead us to a very interesting place, where the industry problems will be taken to the academy so that they can help us find potential solutions. This presents us with an interesting vision of the future. We think that the wine business is thousands of years old and that techniques have been professionalized and improved with technology; then young people are the new actors; they must have the right tools to give it continuity.”

Finally, Dr. Diana Celaya, Director of CEVIT, stressed that it is very important that international companies such as Casa Pedro Domecq are interested in holding agreements in Baja California, Ensenada, and CETYS.

For CEVIT, this agreement represents a very important accomplishment, but foremost denotes coordination with an emblematic company. Domecq will provide us with experts who have working experience around the world. They will share information and knowledge with our students and local people who want to learn from connoisseurs about wine.

It is relevant to highlight that some of the general activities that frame the collaboration are the exchange and training of academic and operational personnel through professional stays, seminars, courses, and workshops, among others; facilitation of physical and human infrastructure to allow the interconnectivity of both parties at the local, regional, national, and international levels; carrying out academic-cultural activities; joint execution of research, development, and technology transfer projects, as well as technical and business consulting; carrying out professional internship programs, social service, and professional stays for students; and the joint development of human resource training programs at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and continuing education levels.

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