17 nations at the International Summer Program of CETYS University

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The eighth edition of the International Summer Program (ISP) begins. This is an annual university gathering, emblematic of the internationalization efforts of the CETYS University System (Mexico), this year in a virtual modality. For 3 weeks, 162 students from 17 nationalities sharing knowledge.

In his welcome message, Dr. Fernando León García, President of the CETYS University System, stressed that the terms in which the universities collaborate have been affected by the pandemic, so new strategies have been adopted to face the challenges COVID-19 brings. One of them is the modality in which this edition of the ISP will be conducted.

“Fortunately, technology affords us a way to continue this effort during the lockdown. CETYS has the objective of developing internationalization and globalization. We appreciate you being part of this special edition of the ISP, that is possible thanks to technology. Enjoy this experience to the fullest, stay safe and secure.”

For the first time, since its inception in 2013, the ISP will be taught remotely, from July 6 to 24 with two and a half hours of daily classes, in addition to asynchronous learning activities designed by the professors to strengthen the integration of students, as well as teamwork efforts through collaborative and cooperative activities.

The language of instruction is English. Courses are taught by highly qualified professors from the United States, Poland, Malaysia, the Netherlands, and Greece, as announced by Dr. Diana Woolfolk Ruiz, Deputy Director of International Relations of the CETYS University System.

Professor Anna Opalka (Poland), in charge of international marketing course, stressed that in addition to knowledge about marketing and its importance at a global level for developing professional people, she will share with the students about culture. This will allow them to achieve content-rich learning with a global perspective, as well as the development of new skills.

Participating students come from the following countries: Austria, Brazil, Armenia, India, Colombia, Costa Rica, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, the Czech Republic, the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Poland, Italy, and Mexico.

It should be noted that the objective of the ISP is to enrich vocational training through internationalization, opening up the students’ panorama on the challenges that await them in the employment arena, as well as the high level of competitiveness demanded. Furthermore, with projects of this nature, the Baja California Institution reaffirms that even in a challenging situation, internationalization at CETYS does not stop.

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