The focus on specific topics and strategic lines for research in Engineering, Business and Social Sciences and Humanities is one of the main focus of the Centers for Excellence.

About CETYS / Our Colleges And Centers of Excellence

Driving Community Development

Through an interdisciplinary academic community, CETYS empowers the generation of knowledge where, along with direct collaboration with industry and government, strategic issues  that impact community development are addressed.

College of Business Administration

Its vision focuses on being a sustainable and globally competitive learning community; led by committed and focused professors to the learning of its students, the research lines of its Center of Excellence in Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship; offering a curriculum with an international perspective, mediated by the best technological platforms and innovative academic practices.

College of Business

Center of Excellence in Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship

To be a key reference in providing solutions to issues in the economic sectors and companies in the country through applied research, project development and management and strategic studies.

To be known as a center leading strategic analysis in relevant sectors of the country, propelling designated areas of knowledge at CETYS University by the integration of theory and practice.
Via collaboration in diverse projects we look to develop highly skilled human resource as well as generating and expanding further on scientific, technological and ethical knowledge of the highest level to create a positive impact and benefit the society.

Main lines for research

  • Entrepreneurship and Business Development
  • Economic Development
  • Development of Competencies
  • Business Intelligence


  • Institute for Strategic Competitiveness
  • Institute for the Regional and Government Development
  • Institute for Entrepreneurship
  • Wine Institute
  • Institute of International Studies
  • Institute of Iberoamerican Studies

Through a 16-step integrated process transform your ideas into a business, develop technology and innovation and become the entrepreneur you dreamed to be. Our Incubator is recognized and accredited as ‘High Impact’ by the Economy Secretariat, and has assisted in turning ideas into generators of change.

Contact Us:
Campus Mexicali + -


Ulysses Moreno
+52 (686) 567-3700 Ext. 1820

Campus Tijuana + -


Jaime Moncada
+52 (664) 625-3408 Ext. 365

Campus Ensenada + -


Jaime Edwards Rosales
+52 (646) 222-2300 Ext. 161

College of Engineering

Its mission is to prepare graduates of high quality in selected areas of Engineering, who are able to carry out applied research taking into account the strategic development and the needs of the region, all within the framework of values and educational model of CETYS University

To generate knowledge alongside of developing human capital in innovation and design for the key strategic areas in industry with the purpose of increasing competitiveness and make an impact in the economic development of the region.

To become a internationally and nationally renowned center in technological development and research, comprised of researchers of the highest level and based on a agile and sustainable model for linkage and partnerships.

Main lines for research

  • Innovation and Design
  • Industrial Processes and Systems
  • Automation and control
  • Manufacturing Process and Design
  • Information and System Technologies
  • Sustainability and Alternative Energies


  • 6,500 m2
  • Academic Laboratories for: Additive Manufacturing  (3D Printing and Scanning), Computing and Mobile Programming, Radiofrequency Systems Design, Robotics and Industrial Automation, Production Systems, Renewable Energies
  • Creativity Lab
  • Laboratory of Applied Research, Testing and Integration
  • Laboratory of Animation and Digital Graphic Design
  • Gulfstream Auditorium
  • Executive Meeting Rooms

Center for Innovation and Design (CEID)

College of Social Sciences and Humanities

It establishes criteria, guidelines, strategies and more actions to ensure that the educational quality of programs in its area, such as Law, Psychology, Education, Neuropsychology, is the same in all three campuses.

Center of Excellence in Human and Social Development

To generate knowledge and services of high quality in the area of human and social development, that generate a positive impact on the regional wellbeing and development.

To become a national referent with international projection in the fields of comprehensive formation, research and social outreach in the disciplines of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities: Education, Psychology and Law.

Main lines for research

  • Family, School and Values
  • Social Responsibility
  • Learning and Teaching Processes
  • Neuropsychology
  • New Criminal System

Contact Us

College of Engineering

Jorge Sosa López


Tel. +52 (686) 567-3700 Ext. 1151


Center of Innovation and Design

Juan Terrazas Gaynor


Tel. +52 (686) 567-3700 Ext. 1227


College of Business
Center of Excellence in Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship

Francisco Velez Torres


+52 (686) 567-3700 Ext. 1311


College of Social Sciences and Humanities

Cecilia Osuna Lever


Tel. +52 (646) 222-2300 Ext. 183


Center of Excellence in Human and Social Development

Laura Karina Reyes Ramírez


Tel. +52 (646) 150-1203


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