The type of professional the world needs

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I once heard a professional speaker say to a group of students, “I can guarantee you, if you study such a career, you are going to tear your competition apart.”

This got me thinking, if you are a professional who shatters everyone to pieces, then who are you going to work with? And this, in turn, led me to reflect that instead of thinking of a professional/engineer who knows how to tear things apart, it is better to talk about a professional/engineer who knows how to assemble, integrate, fix.

What does an outstanding professional do? What kind of professional does the world need nowadays and for the future? I think the professional the world needs is the one who can solve problems. Which problems? There is plenty to choose from. It may be to improve manufacturing efficiency or designing a device that makes our lives easier or improving the quality of a product or service. It can also focus on environmental problems, the challenge of a community’s economic development, the social, cultural, political problems, or even preventing, coping, and overcoming a pandemic. Problem areas abound; we need to find those individuals who accept the challenge of finding and providing solutions.

But the professional that we need is one who not only accepts the challenge of solving a problem, but does so with a vision of putting together, integrating and solving, and does it with a global approach. A professional/engineer who recognizes that teamwork is better, someone who is willing to collaborate and cooperate with other professionals/engineers from different countries and cultures to tackle a challenge. A professional/engineer who knows how to measure the impact of their actions and its implications, and who is also willing to accept the consequences. A professional/engineer who thinks that, as a country, we can only succeed through education, with solidarity, and do the same in their own sphere with integrity, quality, and values.

The CETYS University Industrial Engineering Global Program educates professionals with these characteristics. The Industrial Engineer is a professional who works with systems and processes, knows how to analyze, design, improve, and optimize them. While studying for this degree, you will learn how to understand, create, and improve all kinds of systems or processes of human activity. In other words, you will be prepared to be a professional who knows how to assemble, integrate, and problem solve. Distinctive aspects of the Global Program are: 100% of classes taught in English, internships, social and community service, and application projects with an international emphasis, global experiences, and professional certifications incorporated into the program.

Think about the moment you receive your professional degree, about the culmination of the most important stage of your life. This moment will have an enormous impact and relevance not only for you but for the world. The world needs professional leaders with conviction, with a global profile that contributes effectively to solving the problems that currently exist and will exist in the future. Take on the challenge of becoming a professional who can build, integrate, and fix.

Dr. Jorge Sosa López – Dean of the College of Engineering – CETYS University System

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