E-commerce, solution for staying at home in COVID-19 contingency

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According to the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO), in the face of the health contingency due to COVID-19, online purchases have presented an exponential increase. This situation will continue to promote digital purchases and will attract a greater number of captive customers by presenting a high demand for essential products.

In Mexico, E-commerce, or electronic commerce, has been growing steadily year after year, according to data from the Mexican Internet Association on electronic commerce, since 2015 there has been an average increase of 24%, a percentage that will continue to grow because of the health contingency by COVID-19.

Also, with the recommendation issued to the Mexican population to stay at home, more and more people choose to follow directions and adapt to the situation, which attracts many consumers who have never experienced online shopping before.

Professor Janeth Murillo Aviña, Director of the School of Administration and Business of CETYS University Ensenada International Campus, points out that E-commerce is the best option for purchases without leaving home. There is a wide variety of products available in digital catalogs from the most important companies in the country, with competitive prices, and home delivery costs are minimal or even free.

In addition, she said that in the face of the intense campaigns where the population is invited to stay at home, the uncertainty about the duration of this situation and the idea of ​​a possible food shortage; the demand for necessities, such as non-food perishables, cleaning, and personal hygiene products, as well as protective items such as face masks, gloves, disinfectants, and antibacterial, will increase.

“Once experiencing online shopping, consumers take advantage of a wide variety of products available, from buying dishes from local restaurants to family entertainment products, such as board games, video games, books, among others.”

On the benefits of E-commerce, Murillo Aviña, who is an expert in Digital Marketing, highlights the convenience of buying from home. It facilitates the search for better options in terms of quality, price, variety, and service, in addition to the fact that it is a fast, simple, and secure process that allows you to purchase high demanded products that are difficult to find at physical points of sale.

“For people who have not had the opportunity to experiment with online shopping, they will be able to take advantage of digital platforms and tools to meet their needs and, at the same time, follow the isolation recommendations,” she added.

On the other hand, Murillo Aviña emphasizes that for companies is an excellent opportunity since sales in physical establishments have been severely affected by the contingency due to COVID-19. A situation that forces consumers to change their purchasing patterns and opt for electronic commerce for the purchase of necessities.

“At this time, companies must improve their practices, adapt, and restructure their strategies, as well as strengthen them to continue operating with an omnichannel strategy. As for SMEs, electronic commerce represents a challenge, since the increase in the demand for products can considerably affect logistics in deliveries, so it is important to strengthen their digital platforms and processes to join E-commerce”.

Finally, professor Janeth Murillo makes an important call to users to exercise caution when making payments with credit cards, debit cards, or transfers. “Research the reputation of the company, check if it has a secure platform regarding payment protection and information privacy,” she said.

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