Education and living costs

Knowing the average living costs and tuition fees in Mexico is an extremely important part of your financial preparation and will help you inform one of the most important decisions in your life.

Review, compare and choose what suits you best.

What you will find here is a reference for basic services and necessities to live in Mexico, however, the investment you make semester to semester will depend directly on the lifestyle you want lo lead.

Also, remember that this investment could vary as a result of an increase in tuition fees, the need for tools or material for various school activities, the type of transportation you use, the meals of your choice, etc.


Accomodation (Per month) Mexicali Tijuana 
Shared rental $150 $200
Homestay $300 $350
Rental $400 $400
Other living expenses (Per month) Mexicali Tijuana
Groceries and eating out $250 $350
Gas $15 $15
Hygiene products $25 $25
Electricity $40 $10
Phone and internet $30 $30
Public transport $30 $30
Car (after purchase) $100 $180
Entertainment $200 $200
Education costs Mexicali Tijuana
School suplies $30 $60
Spanish language studies $80 $80
Undergraduate Degree (Per semester) $5,000 $5,000
Graduate Degree (Per trimester) $1,900 $1,900

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Kevin Gurrola 
Transfer student from Southwestern College
Engineering student 

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