Study in Mexico?

The dynamics that characterize the Calibaja region are not merely economic or business-related, but also social and cultural in nature. Hundreds of young people are seizing the opportunity and leveraging the potential of the region by crossing the border every day to study in Mexico, mainly in Tijuana and Mexicali.

But why does this happen? 


Access quality education at a lower cost.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, less than 20% of all applicants to a university will enroll, not only because of the demanding admission processes but also because of the financial commitment involved in the process, a situation that does not occur in Mexico.


Calculate your tuition in Mexico and compare


Obtain a Doble Degree or another international experience.

More than a decade ago CETYS Universidad began an important Double Degree program with the City University of Seattle, which allows those who successfully finish the program to obtain a professional degree in Mexico and another in the United States, a differentiating value wich provides a competitive advantage in the labor market. 

In addition, CETYS Universidad has strong alliances around the world, allowing you to participate in semester-long exchange programs, short stays, and other internationalization opportunities.


Immerse yourself in your career from day one.

Unlike United States Colleges, Mexican universities immerse students in courses and learning activities pertaining to the degree of choice since day one, thus allowing a student to graduate in a period of 4 years. 


Acquire work experience in the industry.

Having a job upon graduation is a concern for every student. CETYS Universidad has a solid corporate relations program, which includes professional internships and other linkage opportunities that provide students with actual job experience early in their program, thus making them part of the 97% of graduates who obtain employment within the first year after graduation.


Live the dynamism of both sides of the border.

The Calibaja region is a space where diverse cultures, ways of life andperspectives converge. For university students, this represents an excellence learning environment, fueled by the dynamism that characterizes both sides of the border, providing a learning experience in two languages (English and Spanish) in a bi-cultural setting.

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