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In CETYS GSB we want to contribute to the world’s growth.

We offer programas for professionals who know the line between work and study is practically inexistent, living in the world of business is demanding and synonymous with learning.

Trough our diverse programs you can forge your own path according to your needs. We’ve crafted them with the utmost care and are in constant evaluation for the best learning experience.

MBA|Executive Courses|International

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Masters in Business Administration

Become a highly competent leader with a global perspective. Capable of leading, optimizing, enterprising, and innovating in the world of business.

Take the next step and discover the best version of yourself.

Quatterty Evaluation
16 Subjects
6 Fields of study
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Double Degree
CETYS Universidad + USD

Develop your skills in senior-level positions in organizations at an international scale.
Our MBA Dual Degree in collaboration with the University of San Diego (USD) awaits you.

2 Degrees
2 Universities
16 Subjects
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Triple Degree
México + Taiwan + Austria

Go beyond:
Most complete training program in Northwest Mexico.
Designed for professionals looking to thrive in multicultural environments.
Three countries unite to improve the way we make business.

3 Degrees
3 Universities
18 Months
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Learn the process of designing, developing, and launching a project or business.



Acquire the knowledge and skills to market your product or service.

Alta dirección

Upper Management

Cultivate your vision and leadership in order to guide your business in the right direction. Establish goals and improve communication.

Recursos Humanos

Human Resources

Improve your management skills and training of personnel in your organization.



Analyze and optimally manage your organization’s financial resources.

Cadena de suministros

Finance Supply Chain

Learn to efficiently manage processes and activities to complete the sale process.


Áreas de concentración.

We have professionals and experts in each field to share their expertise and support you in your journey to betterment.

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For those who
want to grow.

Executive Programs

Our executive programs are part of our Professional Growth Program, where our students improve and increase their knowledge of relevant topics, supported by programs crafted by masters in each field.

CAMBA + Master Class|Point of view|International

Our CAMBA courses are part of our MBA and look to fortify our student’s knowledge and keep them updated on important topics.

Our Master Class program offers sessions with experts in their respective fields. They share their experience and have long, succesful careers.
These particular sessions are not exclusive for people enrolled in our MBA program.

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Interested in supporting Mexico’s economy and wanting to give back to society, CETYS Graduate School of Business decides to collaborate with experts in socioeconomic fields to bring their point of view and experience to light and share it with the community.
These online sessions are free and are backed up by our institution’s level of quality.

Upcoming Sessions