About us

Our main reasons to exist are grounded on:

  • Boosting Innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Generating Applied Research.
  • Training executives, businessmen, and businesswomen emphasizing sustainability and social responsibility.

We mold high-level leaders that are competitive, and at the forefront of business, capable of making a positive impact on the local, national and international context.

CETYS University

We are located in Mexico’s Northwest, a strategic point for the world of business.

We generate and share forefront knowledge in business topics.

Functions as a strategic partner for businesses.

We have become a gathering point for professionals looking to increase their business skills, due to our solid bonds formed through collaborations with diverse institutions around the world.


About you

  • You will develop and lead projects that include continuous improvement and innovation within an organization.
  • Obtain the ability to start-up your own projects.
  • You will acquire a solid foundation on: Strategic Management Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing and Economy.
  • You will apply your knowledge and leadership skills.
  • You will become an agent of positive change



CETYS Graduate School of Business has solid professional training which is the direct result of an institution with over five decades of history. A university that is in a constant search for quality education, with ample and thorough evaluations allowing our programs to adapt and answer real-world problems and needs.

One of the six most important Accrediting Organizations for higher education in North America. CETYS was the first university outside the USA to get recognition from them.

CETYS Universidad was recognized as one of Latin America’s best universities. This is thanks to three outstanding items: Inclusion, Teaching Quality and Innovation.

CGSB is a member of Consejo Latinoamericano de Escuelas de Administración (CLADEA) y de la Business Association for Latin American Studies (BALAS)

CETYS Universidad’s School of Bussiness and Administration was the first institute in the Northwest of Mexico to receive this accreditation, which endorses the quality of its higher education programs in this area.

CETYS Universidad’s MBA (Master of Business Administration) program is officially registered in Programa
Nacional de Posgrados de Calidad, fostering an ever-important value such as innovation.

They recognize CETYS Universidad’s MBA as one of the
“Best Programs”